by chiefslady 10 Oct 2012

Does anyone know how to get lost password from Embroidery Advertisors? Everytime I try to re-register or retrieve lost password , all I get is this email is registered or it takes me back to the login page. When I enter my password the screen shakes and says this email is taken. Its my username but it won't take my password. I have emailed Embroidery Advertisors, but not response. Help!


by chiefslady 11 Oct 2012

I emailed Tyson Brooks this morning about the problem and presto he fixed it somehow from his end. I can log on now. Nellie

by mranderson 11 Oct 2012

I have Googled this site. Embroidery Advertisers and it says they have been down. Went on site and it says.....Forgot your password. Reset it. This may help. Marg

by lexie 11 Oct 2012

i have the same problem with amazing designs. get the same email and tells it is envalid lexie

by cfidl 11 Oct 2012

You are in an endless loop. I had the same problem with embroideryshop. Good thing they have a auto login link wchich I now use to get in. I found that in an email.

by sandyqueen 11 Oct 2012

I was just on the site. Where you sign in (user name) 1st box.

Next box asks for password. Right near that is a clickable link if you have lost your password. Click on that link and follow instructions.


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lexie by lexie 11 Oct 2012

did that same run around. lexie