by madrocki 08 Oct 2012

I recently bought some luggage tags to be embroidered from Embroidery Library. On a recent holiday when I collected my luggage I was confronted by a person demanding if I had the correct luggage. I showed them the luggage tag and not another word was said, not even an apology. Thank you Embroidery Library.


by oigelcox 08 Oct 2012

My friend almost had her case stolen at Darwin Airport N.T. The plane arrives there at 1AM in the morning and there was not much security about. My friend just happened to see this woman walking towards the door with several pieces of luggage and Dee recognised the bow on her case and she screamed at the woman who dropped all the cases and ran .. The woman got away empty handed thanks to my friends quick thinking. Hugs Joyce

janetedna by janetedna 08 Oct 2012

The cheek of the woman! Jan

melnic by melnic 08 Oct 2012

Excellent idea, as we off to a white Xmas in Eurpe this year!

by oigelcox 08 Oct 2012

My husband when he flies he ties a hot pink scarf in the handle of his port (Suitcase to you) with a tag that says MY BAG on the front and his name on the back. He says that it sticks out on the carousel.

by sdrise 08 Oct 2012

When traveling I always put somthing on my luggage to jump out at me too. Thank goodness for your tags. Suzanne

by lidiad 08 Oct 2012

Well done! Three years ago, before a trip overseas, I made three FSL luggage tags, one for my cabin suitcase, one for my larger suitcase and one for the laptop bag. I attached them by hand, to the front of them. When it was time to retrieve the large suitcase, the tag wasn't visible because the suitcase had been put there upside down.. lol
Hugs, Lidia

by 02kar Moderator 08 Oct 2012

But thank goodness you had that pretty tag on your luggage. It prevented a really potentially ugly scene. Good reminder to all to have something easily recognizible and well secured to eachpiece of luggage.