by marietta 07 Oct 2012

I have not been able to upload some projects for long, so here is a pillow I made, and am very proud of.


by cfidl 15 Oct 2012

As you should be! It is Fabulous! Thanks for sharing it and I am glad you can now upload! Yeah!

by lizell 15 Oct 2012

Sjoe dis pragtig Marietta!!! Well done, you have every reason to be proud!!

by kaybaby 15 Oct 2012

love it it is so cute

by means 15 Oct 2012

Lovely, you have every right to be proud of it.

by momhome 09 Oct 2012

What a great job. This is unusual and quite eye catching. Thanks for sharing.

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012

Thankk you so much

by loosie 09 Oct 2012

Adorable, I would be proud too :)

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012


by njola 09 Oct 2012

You have a good reason to be proud, such an artwork

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012

Thank you

by marthie 09 Oct 2012

Absoluut pragtig. Well done my friend

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012

Baie dankie vriendin, Thanks my friend

by blueeyedblonde 08 Oct 2012

well done - love the edging!

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012

Thanks, went hunting for that edging, and also just loved how it held all the colours of the cushion

by pennyhal2 08 Oct 2012

The binding on this pillow really frames the scene well. Love the garden tools!

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marietta by marietta 10 Oct 2012

Thank you, I had quite a task finding that specific piece of material.

by susiesembroidery 08 Oct 2012

Very pretty indeed.

by marietta 08 Oct 2012

Thank you to all you lovely ladies for the wonderfull comments.

by monicahall 08 Oct 2012

and so you should be, what a joyfull cushion

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2012

You should be proud of it - absolutely beautiful. Well done. Hugs Sarah.

by greysewist Moderator 08 Oct 2012

Beautiful work. It looks so alive! Thanks for showing us all.

by shilly 08 Oct 2012

Very nice work!

by venetia 07 Oct 2012

Great spring cushion.

by highlandermom 07 Oct 2012

Very pretty and cheerful. I love the yo yo flowers. You did beautiful job.

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Oct 2012

Congratulions on your beautiful piece of work

by mysew1325 07 Oct 2012

this is so pretty..great project

by noah 07 Oct 2012

Great :):)are these yo yo flowers ??Looks very pretty hugs

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marietta by marietta 08 Oct 2012

Yes, these are the yo-yo flowers. Thank you

by kezza2sew 07 Oct 2012

How stunningly beautiful is this. Lots of work and time went into this I see.

by cj2sew 07 Oct 2012

What a beautiful pillow indeed.

by oaro 07 Oct 2012

love your beautiful pillow

by lilylyn 07 Oct 2012

Your ciushion is beautiful. Well done!! Lyn

by castelyn 07 Oct 2012

Marietta, so glad that you have managed to up load your beautiful pillows. Well done. Hugs Yvonne

castelyn by castelyn 07 Oct 2012

I also see your CHENILLE Pillow on the side. The colours in both looks great. xxxx

marietta by marietta 08 Oct 2012

Thanks Yvonne, you know the chenille pillow gets such a lot of attention from all at home, I feel like making another one. How is your handbag coming on ????? LOL.

castelyn by castelyn 09 Oct 2012

It is beautiful. You know with me been away, I can't seem to keep up with the orders. And yesterday we had no power for 3 hours. Just having a break with a cup of tea and checking out "cute".
Have not managed to do any more stitching on my bag as yet. As you know your own things get put a side.
Hugs Yvonne xxxx

by aleene 07 Oct 2012

Great pillow!

by teun 07 Oct 2012

Da kannst du auch sehr stollz drauf sein,sieht ganz toll aus

by bumblebee 07 Oct 2012

I like this pillow and the technique is fun