by kitty2011 06 Oct 2012

I really don't quite know where to post anymore, so I'll try again here... sorry for double posting :(

... but can someone please tell me where I can change my email address for cuties?
hugs kitty


by smcdonald 27 Mar 2013

I know this is an old post but in case any one is still wondering... you can update it from an Email you receive...just scroll all the way down to "change email"

by kitty2011 08 Oct 2012

Thanks cuties.,
I did end up sending a pm to miss v and she replied.... I gave her my new email direct :)
hugs kitty

by airyfairy 08 Oct 2012

Hi Kitty - I am also a bit puzzled as to where to post things. Hoping that we might get some guide lines. Hugs Sarah.

by pennifold 07 Oct 2012

Hi kitty, go up to INBOX at the top of the page here on COMMUNITY and send a PM to " test " . Don't forget that you musn't send it with a capital letter or with inverted commas. Luv and blessings Chris

by clawton 07 Oct 2012

Do a private message to "test". Or try the contact us at the bottom of the page.