by topcat5 06 Oct 2012

Was just on FreebieLover website and Norton notified me that they stopped a Malicious Web Attack on that site.

Did not see where I could contact them, so I am warning our cuties site.


by claudenicolas 07 Oct 2012

Thank you for the warning***

by drcindyl 06 Oct 2012

There are several sites like that, that I believe are just trying to give people viruses and don't have real designs. If they aren't selling something, why would they be giving freebies away?

by debleerl 06 Oct 2012

I stopped going there a long time ago. Not only is it full of viruses, the designs are junk. I liked the artwork on one and pulled it into my digitizer to fix it up and I couldn't save it without an error message. Those designs are not worth the space they take up on the computer. I'm ashamed of all the time I wasted going there when I was a newbie.

by clawton 06 Oct 2012

I got that also a couple of times so I stopped going there. It is strange because I've gone there for years.

by dino 06 Oct 2012

Thank you for the warning.

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topcat5 by topcat5 06 Oct 2012

You're welcome.