by claudenicolas 05 Oct 2012

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I have a question about FSD. When the embroidery is made, I must take off the wss with water. How can I know that I have rince enough and not too much, because it must remain straight when dry?


by claudenicolas 06 Oct 2012

Thank you for your good advises, I will try to do that this afternoon, and if it is good, I will put it in projects, but the picture do not show if it is soft or freestanding!!!!
eastwitch2, I am sorry because your 2 links do not open, they should have been surely very interessting

by jofrog2000 05 Oct 2012

I rinse until it doesn't feel gummy, and spaces in the lace look clear. Better designs don't need blocking, but you learn by feel, how dense the stitching is.

by castelyn 05 Oct 2012

Claude, just leaving *** for all. See you have been advised. Hugs yvonne

by jrob Moderator 05 Oct 2012

Maybe watch the video and it will help answer your question. Scroll down to the FSL or free standing lace. ;)

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by eastwitch2 edited 05 Oct 2012

What type of FSL designs did you stitch -Ornaments or something else?

For Ornaments you want to soak out the wss enough so you don't see any WSS left in the design and it is not too sticky to the touch. Soak with warm water not hot.

Then blot it dry with paper towel or a cloth towel and then you could shape it with your fingers and then lay flat to dry on a towel.

After drying you could cover the FSL design with a cloth and Iron it with steam to shape it some more.

I like to use a styrofoam board and pin my FSL designs to that in the shape they should be and let them dry.

If you want the FSL design soft then you would soak it in water longer and change the water a couple of times. You could do this for FSL Coasters or Doilies.

I have posted a couple of links for you to look at showing how to use Styrofoam to shape FSL designs.
Scroll down the link pages for the informaion.

Hope this helps you!