by bethelb 04 Oct 2012

Finally got a moment to go in the sew room today .

This is the third of 12 designs. I added the bame of my neice michelle , who in 1999 was snatched in Lawton Ok. and we have never seen her again. This is in rememberance of her .My brother and his wife will get this in their card .


by sdrise 07 Oct 2012

Beautiful!! and thoughtful.. Suzanne

by castelyn 07 Oct 2012

What a lovely gift for your brother and his wife. Prayers that Michelle will return one day. Hugs yvonne

by gerryb 05 Oct 2012

Never give up hope or prayers. And when she comes home, she'll know she was always remembered with prayers & expectations. Beautiful orn.

by jrob Moderator 05 Oct 2012

Oh, how my heart fell for you and her family. I can't imagine that nightmare that you never wake from. I'm sure her parents will be touched that you remembered her this Christmas season as I'm sure she is never far from their thoughts. May God touch and send angels to all of you.

by bonnetgirl 05 Oct 2012

Oh how sorry I am. Only someone who has gone through the same thing knows the pain you are in for the rest of your life.
Hugs Joann

by 02kar Moderator 04 Oct 2012

This is a beautiful memory to a beloved niece.

by oaro 04 Oct 2012

another nice job

by bethelb 04 Oct 2012

Thank you one and all for the heartfelt prayers . Nothing is stronger .

by janetedna 04 Oct 2012

So sorry. You're all in my thoughts. Jan

by mehhouse 04 Oct 2012

Very pretty. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Nothing is worse than the loss of a child - especially not knowing where she is. The holidays are a difficult time. It's wonderful that you remember her and let her parents know that you do. It's doubly hard when no one talks about the loss to the family.

by highlandermom 04 Oct 2012

I also have added my hopeful prayer for Michelle's return. This is a beautiful ornament.

by loosie 04 Oct 2012

Heart wrenching story, you and your family are in my prayers. The design is lovely. Blessings and hugs.

by edithfarminer 04 Oct 2012

Beautiful design, pray one day little Michelle might return. It is a cruel world indeed. there is now a little girl missing in Wales Great Britain, please also say prayers for her.

by scooter2 04 Oct 2012

Beautiful design. Very thoughtful. I'm saying a prayer for Michelle.