by zedna 01 Oct 2012

Using instructions from Quilting Arts Oct-Nov magazine I created this scuptural bowl.

It consists of layers of fabric pieces, thread and wool -roving sandwiched between two pieces of wash away stabilizer and stitched extensively.


by mjdg 02 Oct 2012

Very unique! Seems like a lot of work!

by pennyhal2 02 Oct 2012

I saw that article and wondered if it was as easy as it sounded. Yours came out beautifully! I might get up the courage to try one too!

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zedna by zedna 02 Oct 2012

Their instructions used free-motion embroidery which I can't do as I have shoulder problems . Instead I unplugged the foot pedal and pressed the button used for embroidery, used a couple of different built-in stitches and away we went!

by loosie 02 Oct 2012

I love the color, well done :)

by mad14kt 02 Oct 2012

This has much SWAG ;D *2U

by spendlove Moderator 02 Oct 2012


by momhome 02 Oct 2012

Wow what a piece of art. Sounds very complicated to make - but you did a great job. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing with us.

by robinbird 01 Oct 2012

This design reminds me of a head of lettuce& these colors are lovely too. Thanks for sharing the info on your project.:~D

by greysewist Moderator 01 Oct 2012

That's impressive, Edna. You've gone a lot further than some of us did with the coasters we did from waste bits of embroidery thread a while back. The colours look great together, too.

by oaro 01 Oct 2012

very interesting work looks great

by toolips 01 Oct 2012

very cool

by pldc 01 Oct 2012

wow looks very labor intensive, well done!

by highlandermom 01 Oct 2012

Very nice I love to see fiber crafts.

by aleene 01 Oct 2012

great job