by marcellelewis 28 Sep 2012

The Jefferson Co, AL sheriff's department has painted one of their patrol cars pink for the 'cancer walk' tomorrow. I think that is a wonderful way to show their support for those touched by cancer. It is on our local news and the sheriff's dept has a photo on their website.



by gandu 28 Sep 2012

Must show my son this pic he is a sheriff in lawrence county

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Sep 2012

This is amazing. Just proves that tough guys can have a soft heart

by jerrib 28 Sep 2012

The delivery truck that delivered the gas for all our equipment at work, had one of their trucks all done in Breast Cancer pink. It was very neat to see the support.
Hugs Jerri

by justonlyme 28 Sep 2012

That is incredible!! I love that story. Thank you for sharing. I hope they keep the car pink instead of painting it back. What a fantastic show of support.

by gerryvb 28 Sep 2012

wow, that's great!!!

by noah 28 Sep 2012

I just sent this to my son who is i(n Canada we call them Police Men not Sheriffs ) to see what there department thinks of their idea i like it hugs

by dragonflyer 28 Sep 2012

How cool is that! I love it!