by kitty2011 27 Sep 2012

Ideas please cuties... hope I'm posting in the correct spot (I've been away & now everything's different)

I'm wanting to make a sand-filled door stop & of course sew a design on it. Has anyone got any ideas of what theme design I should do for a door stop?
Apart from a 'house' I can't think of anything clever.


by kitty2011 27 Sep 2012

Thank you cuties.... I also posted this in 'embroidery' and was given a great suggestion, simple enough but one I hadn't thought of ... that being matching the room the door stop is for.
Since this is for my laundry door that keeps slamming, I decided to go with that theme.
Thanks for your ideas.

by anitapatch 27 Sep 2012

How about an owl??

by keeponsewing 27 Sep 2012

Are you wanting seasonal or otherwise? If for this season a nice pumpkin will take you to December. Also a big candy corn. Both are good shapes to use for this too. I also think a stick tree can get you all winter.