by oigelcox 26 Sep 2012

Migaloo the white whale was seen and videod off Brisbane Queensland coast by a whale watching boat today. I saw him on the NEWS he is beautiful. The whales are on their annual migration. There is a look out each year for Migaloo . Last week there was a rare Grey whale videoed in Sydney Harbour thay had not seen one for many years.


by oigelcox 27 Sep 2012

Migaloo the albino whale made another visit off the Gold Coast today and put up a great display for the whale watching tourists. leaping out of the water and blowing water spouts. He was putting on a show for the Female whales swimming with him. (Well it is mating season) He is heading down south so we wont have him back up here until nrxt year.. By Migaloo.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Sep 2012

Wow. I have always wanted to do a whale watch but with a husband who gets serious motion sickness, it will remain a dream.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 27 Sep 2012

My Husband gets sick on small boats (He was in the navy) says he doesnt get sick on large Ships so we havn't been out on the whale watch boats. We have seen the whales very close to shore when camping on Moreton Island.

by dollygk 26 Sep 2012

Really cool, I found the video, link below.

oigelcox by oigelcox 26 Sep 2012

Glad you were able to see him . White whales are very rare. Hugs Joyce

momhome by momhome 27 Sep 2012

I just tried to watch the video and it was down. Hope that is only temporary. It would be so cool to see them in person.