by satinsewer 22 Sep 2012

If you love your crochet hook, want to work down your woolly thread stash with outfits for Barbie, Bratz & Abba dolls this is for you. You certainly will get your fill!


by teddybear117 22 Sep 2012

I looked at and d/l several and I see that they are knitted not done in crochet.

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satinsewer by satinsewer 23 Sep 2012

What a boo-boo, that's what happens when I have too many window opened at once..... now we know what I was looking at! Wonderful cuties don't mind lending a hand.....Thanks

by janetedna 22 Sep 2012

Great site! They're not all free are they? Without clicking on a design I didn't see any price listed. Will study the site more later. Jan

satinsewer by satinsewer 23 Sep 2012

Yes, yes, yes..... Jan they are "FREE"

janetedna by janetedna 23 Sep 2012

That's fantastic! Thanks. Jan

by 02kar Moderator 22 Sep 2012


by jasanne 22 Sep 2012

They are so cool! Thanks for the link.