by gandu 21 Sep 2012

this is my new baby oh by the way the pic is my grandson's done on this baby


by maryanns66 22 Sep 2012

I'm happy for you!! Now we are twins! LOL
I got my Futura XL400 last October and I love her!! Her name is "Singer Girl". I'm still learning a lot after all this time.
Enjoy your nice new baby!!

by gandu 22 Sep 2012

A big thank you to all the well wishers I hope i get time to play with my new baby Hugs Brenda

by blueeyedblonde 22 Sep 2012

congrats! Hope you have many happy hours stitching!

by snowbird42 22 Sep 2012

a new baby is always more than very welcome have fun...soozie

by gigi70alvarran 22 Sep 2012

Congrats enjoy your new machine happy sewing:}:}

by bonnetgirl edited 22 Sep 2012

Wonderful thread art you did on the grandson's face. I am trying to do a color one also. But between running for my hospice volenteering and trying to help a older gentleman (91 almost 92) I have not had to much time to play.
Hugs Joann

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gandu by gandu 22 Sep 2012

Me too i dont get too much time cause of the business I work even on sunday. and all the other holidays Hugs Brenda

by airyfairy 22 Sep 2012


by gerryvb 22 Sep 2012

well we expect many new projects now. Have much fun with the new baby!!!

by njola 22 Sep 2012

Lucky you, congratulation ;0)

by tinkerbell70 22 Sep 2012

I have one just like it, I love it!

by 02kar Moderator 22 Sep 2012

Happy stitching. I know you will enjoy many hours with it,

by cfidl 22 Sep 2012

Wow! Very nice machine. There isn't a touch screen. How do you see your designs?

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bikermomfl by bikermomfl 22 Sep 2012

you need to hook a computer up directly then you see your designs on it.

by zoefzoef 22 Sep 2012

Looks great , let us know how it is sewing !

by anitapatch 21 Sep 2012

Happiness is a new machine. Will give you many creative hours

by oaro 21 Sep 2012

Congratulation Enjoy you new machine happy sewing and make lots project .Maria

by loosie 21 Sep 2012

Lucky you :)

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gandu by gandu 21 Sep 2012

Thank you Brenda

by highlandermom 21 Sep 2012

May you have many smiling enjoyable times with your new baby!

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gandu by gandu 21 Sep 2012

Thank you for your well wishes Brenda

by noah 21 Sep 2012

Sewwwwwwwwww very happy for you and your new baby hugs :):)

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gandu by gandu 21 Sep 2012

Thank you Brenda

by janbattles 21 Sep 2012

That's what I want to upgrade to. I've been looking at them on HSN.