by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

I am looking for some input regarding fellow Cutie experiences.

I really want to purchase a nice small font set that includes Uppercase, Lowercase and numers to use on baby items. I want something pretty or elegant, easy to read, and probably contains a 1/2" size....multiple sizes preferably.

I have looked until I've confused myself and am now seeking everyone elses if you can please share what you use and have good stitch-out experiences with, I'd LOVE to hear about your suggestons before I buy. Thanks, ~Rita


by spendlove Moderator 20 Sep 2012

Why not download Embroidery Fonts Plus? It works rather like a word processor and you make the design exactly the size you want. Three fonts come with the software, but more are available at a reasonable cost.

raels011 by raels011 20 Sep 2012

Thank you for this I have downloaded it now have to work out how to use it..Hugs Rae

msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 20 Sep 2012

Thank you Sue. That would be probably the perfect option...except that my old computer is almost full and I am afraid to add anymore software until I upgrade the RAM and memory....definately saved the link to my favorites as a must have! Thanks again -~Rita

spendlove by spendlove 20 Sep 2012

You can download a tutorial with it and I found it easy to follow.

by greysewist Moderator 20 Sep 2012

You could try Fivestar. They have various with multiple sizes.

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msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 20 Sep 2012

Thank you...the Beauty font is pretty, slightly bigger than I think I want, but definately a contender. Thanks again, ~Rita

by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

I just got back to my post and am so happy with your suggestions...I have checked out each lead. I am starting to think I am searching for the elusive rainbow. If I find a suitable font, they seem to be to big, only has caps, or some of the letters are not quite as suitable for a baby as I'm picturing.

I sure appreciate all suggestions as I journey through this...I have thousands of fonts at home and here I am looking for something else....CRAZY!

by jofrog2000 19 Sep 2012

Multiple sizes in each set. I just bought a bunch, but have not had time to sit down with them.

msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

Wow...I hadn't even thought of them...I'll definatley cehck them out, especially at $2.00 a set. Thank you!

momhome by momhome 20 Sep 2012

I bought a couple of small ones from here also. I bought #228-mini block and #395-zantroke both have several sizes. I hope to be able to test stitch them out tomorrow to see which one works best for what I need. Good-luck on finding what you need.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 20 Sep 2012

Thanks for the link - I picked up a set while it was on sale. Always seem to need tiny and cant find tiny.

by grannyh 19 Sep 2012

Try Omas Place. She has lovely small fonts and designs for babies and children. They stitch beautifully also. A wonderful site.

msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

I'm off to check out Oma's again since it's been awhile since I spent any time relly looking at her alphas. Thank yo for the suggestion, it is certainly appreciated. ~Rita

drcindyl by drcindyl 21 Sep 2012

Ditto, Oma's the best for this. Also blastostitch has been giving freebie fonts that come in multiple sizes. The English font a month ago would work. It came in half inch.

by bowlds 19 Sep 2012

Not sure how small you want, but here is one from Softdrink. It is free. It is on a page with TONS of free designs.

bowlds by bowlds 19 Sep 2012

Oh, this one is about 1 inch.

drcindyl by drcindyl 22 Sep 2012

Thanks, I did not have these fonts. I like the TWILIGHT font

by dragonflyer 19 Sep 2012

I would try From the Needle of Anne...she has beautiful collections and several small alphabets and some other adorable baby collections...

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 19 Sep 2012

She has GORGEOUS designs. Everything I've stitched of hers has turned out lovely.

msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

Thank you...I have looked at hers and she does have beautiful fonts...just a little bigger than I think I want for baby items. Catsnhorses is right, I have purchased a number of her sets and have been extremely satisfied every time. Thanks ladies!

by jrob Moderator 19 Sep 2012

Sorry, I have Bernina ARTISTA software so I can't help but I will answer here in hopes someone else will come along with an answer solution for you.

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msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

Well, thank you ma'am!!! ~Rita