by msfancyvip1 18 Sep 2012

I am looking for some input regarding fellow Cutie experiences.

I really want to purchase a nice small font set that includes Uppercase, Lowercase and numers to use on baby items. I want something pretty or elegant, easy to read, and probably contains a 1/2" size....multiple sizes preferably.

I have looked until I've confused myself and am now seeking everyone elses if you can please share what you use and have good stitch-out experiences with, I'd LOVE to hear about your suggestons before I buy. Thanks, ~Rita


by marjialexa Moderator 18 Sep 2012

Hi, Rita! I'm sure you'll get a lot more suggestions and help from the Cuties if you put your same question in the "Embroidery" tab, the top one on the left side. That's where most Cuties go to get and give information about embroidery. This Personal tab is more for things of a personal nature going on in our families, and I don't think your question will get the attention it needs here. Best of luck finding the font you need, hugs, Marji

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msfancyvip1 by msfancyvip1 19 Sep 2012

Well, thank you for that advise!!! I guess I should have realized that myself, duh!!!! Grins...~Rita