by smburt 12 Sep 2012

For those who have the brother machine , mine is the 1500. Do you ever have trouble getting the bobbin to wind right. Is it just me that it messes up on. Trying to be productive and make something before work, But I'm trying to salvage messed up bobbin. Thank you . I'm totally frustrated. I do have sidewinder, but it to screwed up one time.


by drro 13 Sep 2012

My sales person advocated pre-wound I do that! I have yet to make one with color thread!! My other machines make great bobbins...too bad for the brothers! Simplicity makes a bobbin winding machine...JoAnns has it displayed with the other Simplicity machines...does anyone have it? I am curious how it works...if it would be a good investment for us Brother sewers:>)

by hightechgrammy 13 Sep 2012

This is just my opinion, but I think the bobbin winder is the weakest feature on my Brother ULT2003. But I have to also say, when I have complained, the service people have improved it during service visits. They can adjust how full it fills the bobbins on my machine. But, my old Singer, never, ever had a problem in 37 years.

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2012

lol i use my singer to wind my bobbins also and likely for as many years

by cclark 13 Sep 2012

I have a Brother Duetta 4500 and love it! I have no problems winding bobbins at all. I buy white prewound but wind my own for colors.

by zoefzoef 13 Sep 2012

I have a brother 1500 too, always wind my bobbins myself, plastic ones. No real problems so far.

by anangel 13 Sep 2012

I have not wound a bobbin in many years! My Brother loves the pre-wound bobbins (NEBS) in the clear plastic sides! I buy them by the gross, and surprisingly, each bobbin lasts a long time, so I will never be winding my own, unless I run out of the NEBS, unintentionally!!
Hugs, Angel

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drro by drro 13 Sep 2012

From whom do you purchase your prewounds? Thanks~

by sewfrenzie 13 Sep 2012

I HATE winding a bobbin, on my Brother It never fails to wrap around under the bobbin (most of the time when I'm trying to get it started) Its like I need a third hand to hold the thread away from the machine when I push the start button and hold the spool of thread. If I leave the thread in the spool holder on the machine its even worse!! I have a LB-6770 Limited Edition Project Runway, for those wondering.

by dailylaundry 12 Sep 2012

I have a Brother Innovis 1500D. I really don't have trouble with the bobbin winder. But, I did go through the directions a couple of times before I got proficient with it. Good luck with it!! Hugs, Laura*

by dollygk 12 Sep 2012

Yes, I have the 1500 and I'm watch closely as the bobbin is winding but have not had any problems.

by DEGJ 12 Sep 2012

I have a 780D... got tired of wasting thread so I only use pre wound.

by cfidl 12 Sep 2012

Yep! I have 350 and it took some time to figure how to consistently get a good bobbin. I find if I wind only 4 wraps for cotton and 6 for poly/rayon and watch as soon as it starts, I do OK. I do wish they would put more thread on them. I like to a full bobbin!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 13 Sep 2012

I think the number of wraps does make a difference too. Mine needs 4 - LOL I use lots of prefilled, plastic sided bobbins I get from Metro and they are great!