by skyannsgranny 10 Sep 2012

I can't open Sick. Anybody else having the problem? Last couple of hours. Trying to get the hourly design.


by drro 10 Sep 2012

i used an old link I had, and did enter, about 30 minutes ago. I can't get into Urban Threads, my computer freezes each time. I had to pull my battery to unfreeze it:(

by jobaby 10 Sep 2012

Cannot get it either.

by ansalu 10 Sep 2012

No problem with firefox but I also think they have heavy traffic caused by the back-to-school-sale (every set for 1,-$) that end tonight ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by rothrock 10 Sep 2012

It will not open for me either it takes me to a google link.