by njola 06 Sep 2012

Dish towel that I digitized for me and this is the first testsewing


by lidiad 08 Sep 2012

Congratulations, that's beautiful, love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by cece1 08 Sep 2012

What a pretty design! Good job!!

by yvonne123 08 Sep 2012

Love it

by momhome 08 Sep 2012

You did a great job digitizing this and stitching it out. Keep up the great work. This is too pretty to use. :)

by cfidl 07 Sep 2012

Wow Girl! I think you got it!

by marjialexa Moderator 07 Sep 2012

Njola, this is very very good digitizing for a beginner!! In the magnified photo I can see where some of your outlines are off, but that is minor and you'll soon get the understanding of it. This is a complex design for a beginner to take on, and you have done a wonderful job! Keep up the good work, I wish my first attempt had looked so good, hee hee hee. Hugs, Marji

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Thanks. I had the feeling that the material on the fence had moved or the pattern that I chose drew it together. It seems that some pattern do that so I have to change the pattern or to do the inside pattern little bit bigger than the outlines. Maby is better to do the outline not at all in the end.

by mysew1325 07 Sep 2012

very cute.. great job

by modo 07 Sep 2012


by hjaasdisi 07 Sep 2012

Kæl Njóla flott mynd hjá þér væri gaman að spjalla við þig einhvern tímann og hvaða forrtit ertu með ?? kveðja Ásdís Finnsdóttir

hjaasdisi by hjaasdisi 07 Sep 2012

Ég meinti Sæl Njóla

njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Ég er alltaf að lenda í sama að geta ekki lagað textann eftirá, ég er í husqvarna forriti

by jofrog2000 07 Sep 2012

So nice! I had a big gray cat, Mozart, who sprawled on my lap like that. I would balance my counted cross stitch project on top of him and work while I watched tv.

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Nice i have had few of them when my kids were growing up

by oigelcox 07 Sep 2012

I love this very much it would brighten up any kitchen. Well done. Hugs Joyce

by airyfairy 07 Sep 2012

WOW - this is far too good for a dish towel. I just love it. I would frame it if it were mine. Good job.

by christracey 07 Sep 2012

This looks lovely but too fancy for a dish Unless it is just for show & not to use.

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Of course I will use it but I will have it hanging up so it will also shows

by greysewist Moderator 07 Sep 2012

That looks fabulous and Rocky the grey cat is very happy he is featured, too!

by futte 07 Sep 2012

lovely old ladies. great job

by arwens 07 Sep 2012

This is to cute!! I love it! Great job! Maybe soon I will understand enough to digitize my first one too hehe

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

thanks and good luck

by marierose 07 Sep 2012

Trop beau! J'adore !!

by dollygk 07 Sep 2012

VERY nicely done, great job!!

by cj2sew 06 Sep 2012

Oh WOW!!! What a pair. You did an awesome job.

by highlandermom 06 Sep 2012

This is a super job of digitizing.

by nanniesara 06 Sep 2012

Awesome job, love it!

by sigrun 06 Sep 2012

Já þú ert ekki af baki dottin Njóla......eða þannig sko, þetta er bara flott hjá þér.

by emanuille 06 Sep 2012

love it beautiful

by aleene 06 Sep 2012

A great JOB. very nice

by shirley124 06 Sep 2012

Lovely work.

by snowbird42 06 Sep 2012

Love it it is such a hoot...soozie

by noah 06 Sep 2012

will this be a freebee in dbc???Pretty please lol hugs

by olly 06 Sep 2012

Wow. This is great for a beginner. Could you please tell me which digitizing software you used - and is it easy to use?

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

It´s from husqvarna. I didn´t have any tutors so it takes time to learn, but easy to use I think when you have learnt it. It took me a long long time to make picture like this, but i´m getting the grip slowly

by pldc 06 Sep 2012

oh this is terrific & it reminds me of me (on the left) & a dear friend of mine on the right! except I have a dog! I love it!

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Thanks. I think it looks just like you he he :)

by bumblebee 06 Sep 2012

Its lovely-great job

by debswebster 06 Sep 2012

What a fun design. Well done to you.

by teun 06 Sep 2012

Sieht ganz toll aus

by susiesembroidery 06 Sep 2012

Wow!!! This is so lovely. Congratulations on your digitising skills. A very lovely cloth.

by smallwunderz 06 Sep 2012

wonderful design !
Lois W.

by jrob Moderator 06 Sep 2012

And did you learn how to swim by being dropped from an airplane in the middle of the ocean? Really cute and nice job for a "beginner". ;)

by Ada 06 Sep 2012


by toogie 06 Sep 2012

Looks to me like you will be doing this for quite some time.Lovely work-Toogie

by gerryvb 06 Sep 2012

oh I love it!!

by queenofhearts 06 Sep 2012

How cute, I love it.

by loosie 06 Sep 2012

How nice, you do lovely work :)

by pennyhal2 06 Sep 2012

That's a cute design! The expressions on their faces are terrific!

by clawton 06 Sep 2012

Looks great!

by mops Moderator 06 Sep 2012

Nice digitising and that does not look as a beginner's design!! Well done.

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

It´is, I locked myself in my summerhouse in my summerholiday so I wouldn´t be disturbed and could concentrate on getting the grip

by anabela 06 Sep 2012

Wow, love the Lady´s, you have done a great job. Congrats to you

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Takk :)

by terriweistra 06 Sep 2012

Very, very nice indeed :) Clever lady :)

by grannycottage 06 Sep 2012

Beautiful digitizing. What program do you use?

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Husqvarna they are popular here in iceland

by blueeyedblonde 06 Sep 2012

wonderful job!

by 02kar Moderator 06 Sep 2012

What a fun towel! Best wishes for you digitizing. It looks like you are well on your way.

by oaro 06 Sep 2012

I love it

by basketkase 06 Sep 2012

Awesome it!!! Great digitizing!

by mumzyfarm 06 Sep 2012

you did such a wonderful job digitizing and stitching it out are you going to share the design? I would love to have it.

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njola by njola 06 Sep 2012

Sorry I haven´t got a licence of the pic.... , but Iam using it for practicing to get the grip of digitizing tecnic.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Sep 2012

Congratulations this is a brilliant design. Hopefully you are happy with it

1 comment
njola by njola 06 Sep 2012

I´m thrilled with the design, have to do a little bit changing but it´s fine