by gignac 01 Sep 2012

could you help me how do you decide the price of one embroidery the chinese designs are so cheap!!


by muffy 02 Sep 2012

I'm thinking gignac is wondering how much to charge for for an item that she has embroidered....since some of the embroidered items "from" China are so cheap to purchase, not the the design themselves.
Muffy :)

by airyfairy 02 Sep 2012

Just a tiny bit of advice. If you are making things to sell - rather not buy from the Chinese sites as their designs do not usually stitch out as well as other designs and that is why they are cheap. Good luck. Sarah.

by marjialexa Moderator 01 Sep 2012

Bettina has given you some good advice. How much you charge for embroidering a design does not depend on how much you paid for the design, but how many stitches it has, how long it takes you to do the embroidery. Pulse Ambassador has a way to figure prices per 1000 stitches, it's a free download on the Tajima site. Do research to find out what types of designs and what types of articles are selling in your market before you do too much embroidery. People will be looking for Christmas presents soon, and if it's a Christmas theme market, maybe Christmas towels would be good, or Christmas kitchen sets. Best of luck with your selling! Hugs, Marji

by ansalu 01 Sep 2012

There were several post about that theme.
How much to take for embroidery or which things are good sellers on christmas-markets or country-fairs.
It also depends on your area and where you sell things. You can take a look on Etsy or DaWanda to compare your prices :o)
Greetings, Bettina

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ansalu by ansalu 02 Sep 2012

I know there were some more posts with good ideas what are good sellers on markets :o)

by bevintex 01 Sep 2012

Are you talking about buying a design. You get what you pay for. Cheap usually means just that Cheap. No good.

gignac by gignac 01 Sep 2012

no i dont talk about design but about some thing that i embroid for saling in a chrismass market for example towel or bags ..

ansalu by ansalu 02 Sep 2012

For a better understanding of the question :o)