by danababes 30 Aug 2012

Does anyone know where I'll find a calendar and weather chart to embroider so that dates and weather (eg: rainy) can be moved around, please? Thanks :) xXx


by danababes 31 Aug 2012

Thank you everyone :)
I have some rather embarrassing news... I must've had this brilliant idea before, because it turns out that after rummaging through purchased design backup disks I have, um guess what I found? Yep, the calendar I'm looking for lol.

I bought it from stitch4stitch. I couldn't find the website, but after a little research I believe that they're now threadsnscissors as I matched many other items I bought to what's for sale there. However I can't find this weather calendar on the new site (my folder is dated when I got it: 16th Oct 2010). It's not on their archive site either (the link is on their site) so if anyone else likes the set, I guess you could ask the site owner to put it back up for sale...?
Thanks again :) xXx

danababes by danababes 31 Aug 2012

btw, pic is from the files they sent me, I can't find this on the site.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 01 Sep 2012

I got this, too. The file name was MS021. Using their newTS, it did not show up. Got to say, their fsl doilies are the best ones I have ever sewn1

by bear25 31 Aug 2012

Hi danababes, I found one at, and Teriann at has a couple different calendars too. Here's the link from secretsof. Cozy cottage calendar is one that has moving parts. Hope this helps you, hugs Denise

by greysewist Moderator 31 Aug 2012

Not embroidered, but there are various sites with printable signs for seasons and weather.When my kids were little I remember using felt and writing on each 'sign' the days of the week, and other details. They clung to a portable 'wall' covered with a carpet type fabric which the felt would stay put on. No reason why you couldn't make similar signs with the words embroidered.

by ethan 31 Aug 2012

I did see something like this done for children a long time ago but sorry I don't remember which site it was.

by jasanne 31 Aug 2012

What about the nativity calendar at embroidery library? Have a look through their stitchers showcase, it has been stitched different ways. I'm sure you could 'adapt' it to be a weather calendar instead.