by joann1 30 Aug 2012

Is anyone able to get on Basketkasedesigns?


by noah 30 Aug 2012

Happy you will be up an running sooooooooooon hugs carolyn

by basketkase 30 Aug 2012

Yea!!! They got the power back on, I am up and running....Jim is at chorus practice, when he gets home I will have him load my new designs...Thanks!

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cfidl by cfidl 30 Aug 2012

so glad to hear you have been busy! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by basketkase 30 Aug 2012

Hubby just talked to the IP people, they are in Kansas and they have a power outage...who knew? So they are being told power wll be restored tonight, but as we all know with electric companies, it's a toss we wait!!

by basketkase 30 Aug 2012

NOPE!! I'll have to have my IT guy (hubby) look into is usually the IP service having some kind of problem.......shuckers.....will be putting up some new designs tonight, hopefully they will get it fixed soon! Hugs....

marjialexa by marjialexa 30 Aug 2012

What a bummer! So sorry, hugs for you, Marji

basketkase by basketkase 30 Aug 2012

Thanks, Marji...don't know what caused the power outage? I think they are too far up for Isaac to bother them......