by brendaleas 30 Aug 2012

Bree and her doll in their matching outfits, that I made her for her birthday. She loves her doll.


by zoefzoef 31 Aug 2012

Cute ! You really can see she is happy with it !

by mysew1325 31 Aug 2012

this is a great picture and the doll and outfits are just darling.. great job

by mad14kt 31 Aug 2012

Awwwww, so LOVELY ;D *2U

by shirlener88 31 Aug 2012

How adorable is that?

by momhome 31 Aug 2012

They are absolutely darling. Love their outfits. You did such a great job on her doll. It has a sweet face just like Bree does.

by airyfairy 31 Aug 2012

Just too cute. Well done Grandma.

by lidiad 30 Aug 2012

What a great picture of a happy girl who can exchange clothes with her doll!!! They are both adorable and you have done a great, original job!
Hugs, Lidia

by drro 30 Aug 2012

So cute...especially the wee blonde with the hair bow.... how precious she looks!! I love her dolly friend too!!

by shirley124 30 Aug 2012

What a lovely picture. You have done a gresat job with the outfits. Shirley

by lbrow 30 Aug 2012

Beautiful job Brenda. I love them. Now every time you make Bree something to wear you must make one for dolly too/Lillian

by lflanders 30 Aug 2012

What a wonderful job on the doll and Bree's new outfit! She really looks happy to have a look alike doll(clothes). Bree is very pretty and has a beautiful smile! I only had one child and it was a boy but I made alot of his clothes when he was smaller. It was not long before he outgrew the "need" to have Mama make his clothes!! They do grow up soooo fast! He has grand-children now. Oh my goodness, just saying that makes me feel old!

by clawton 30 Aug 2012

So adorable. The doll is bigger than she is. She looks very pleased with it.

by blueeyedblonde 30 Aug 2012

WOW! Well done!

by marjialexa Moderator 30 Aug 2012

I saw your doll in Projects, but I didn't realize she was so big! This is just a fantastic picture, I'll bet Bree enjoys having a friend her size, wow. Very well done! Hugs, Marji

by lilylady 30 Aug 2012

they are both dolls, very nice!

by cfidl 30 Aug 2012

She is so sweet! You are blessed! I think these are salsa outfits!

by castelyn 30 Aug 2012

Great job on the picture and the matching outfits. Bree is so cute. Hugs Yvonne

by eteaff 30 Aug 2012

How sweet are they. Nice job! Hugs & Stitches, Liz

by bumblebee 30 Aug 2012

They are both adorable-what a pair of cuties,

by laffma1 30 Aug 2012

She is adorable! The doll is really cute - I can see why Bree loves her so much. Great photo!!

by lulu07 30 Aug 2012

Adorable! Cute outfits, cute doll and even cuter little Bree...thanks for sharing.

by joansatx 30 Aug 2012

Too much fun! Very cute!

by noah 30 Aug 2012

Oh this is an awesome picture love it.They both look sew happy hugs Carolyn