by phi4 29 Aug 2012

When you do FSL, what type of stabilizer do you use? I tried with 1 layer of badgemaster,it ended up making hoes on badgemaster. And also, what type of a needle do you use?I wonder if it was my needle. I use titanium embroidery needle in my bernina machine.I hope somebody can answer it. I know that there are a lot of experts in FSL out there.Thank you.


by pcteddyb 30 Aug 2012

I use two layers of vilene with 75/11 universal needle.

by noah 29 Aug 2012

i use 1 layer of the really heavy wws then under were the pattern is to be sewed i float all my scrapes till theres nothing left to use.Sew i likely use 3 or 4 layers sometimes .Look at my apples i just did this way lol hugs carolyn

by eastwitch2 29 Aug 2012

Try 2 layers of the Badgemaster especially if the FSL design has areas where there are layers of stitches on top of each other.

by pennyhal 29 Aug 2012

It's not your machine. Badgemaster isn't good for FSL. The suggestions below are great. I use two layers of vilene as well for FSL. If you haven't used it before for FSL, you just have to rinse it out really well to remove the vilene. If the lace is stiff when it dries, soak/rinse it again!

by 02kar Moderator 29 Aug 2012

I use 1 layer of heavy WSS for less dense FSL designs and 2 for heavy dense stitching and seldom have a problem. I will also reinfore with an extra bit of WSS if I notice tearing starting to occur. I use my univeral needle. I also keep my machine at about 600 SPM.

by lilylady 29 Aug 2012

I use the brand called wash-a-way. 2 layers, 75/11 needle and when I do metallic, I just slow the machine down. I just use two rolls in the last 2 months and also did 6 of sonias angels and had no trouble with anything. LOL

by dollygk 29 Aug 2012

I use two layers of stabelizer and a tip, when you see the stabelizer begin to make holes, remove hoop and add a patch to the back of the hoop. Use a patch at least double the size of your hole, dab water to the hooped stabelizer and press the patch into place, this usually helps.

by oigelcox 29 Aug 2012

I use the same water soluable vilene in my Janome 11000 . It works best with 2 layers 1 layer has too much give in it. The 11/75 needle works for mine too. I use a size 14 needle for metallic thread as this needle has a larger eye. Hugs Joyce

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phi4 by phi4 30 Aug 2012

Thanks to all the cuties who came out to rescue me. I knew I could count on you.Thanks a million.

by lidiad 29 Aug 2012

I use water-soluble Vilene (2 layers normally) and titanium embroidery needle 11/75.
Hugs, Lidia

phi4 by phi4 29 Aug 2012

thank you for these helpful tips.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 29 Aug 2012

That's exactly what I use too - best combination for my machine!

Roannenaidoo by Roannenaidoo 10 Jan 2015

Thank you everyone for your tips it has given me a better understanding on the various needles and wash away. Ethel