by bettytaylor 28 Aug 2012

To everyone on the Gulf Coast, my prayers are with you. Stay safe. Betty


by noah 28 Aug 2012

And mine prayers hugs

by drro 28 Aug 2012

Also Prayers from us here on the East Coast! My nephew lives in Gulf Port, and he and his family are supposed to visit my sister in Atlanta this weekend. They plan to hunker down until then!! I pray they get to leave safely!

by nancygiroir 28 Aug 2012

thank you..right now we're having light rain with breaks of sunshine here in New Orleans. The worst storms will be hitting overnight (on the anniversary of Katrina). Luckily it's a minimal hurricane. The officials said to expect street flooding and power outages; we now have 100 year levee protection. Will be awake all night!!

by melnic 28 Aug 2012

Thinking of the people out there! It is spring in South Africa & everything is in bloom!

by cj2sew 28 Aug 2012

Thank you, Can't believe how nice the weather we had before to prepare. The bands of rain are now hitting the Baldwin and Mobile Alabama Counties. I really pray for those in Louisiana and Mississippi coastlines. They got hit the hardest 7 years ago to the day by Katrina. Just hope everyone prepared and evacuated when told to do so. CJ

by hightechgrammy 28 Aug 2012

I'm praying all will be safe, no fatalities! Be safe! hugs, Jan

by alexgrandma 28 Aug 2012

It was a nasty day yesterday in Florida!! We had the east side of the storm and it was not even a hurricane..Good Luck!!

by olds 28 Aug 2012

Thank you.Maureen in Mobile Ala on the east side of
the storm.Right now sunny outside and a little wind.

by oigelcox 28 Aug 2012

We heard on our NEWS tonight that they have ordered people to evacuate the citys sounds very scary. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs from Joyce and my family in Australia.

by cfidl 28 Aug 2012

With you on this!