by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

I used to come to this site several times a day. All the bickering and posting of PERSONAL issues that should be resolved PRIVATELY has turned me off to where I only check this site a few times a week, sometimes less now. I keep hoping that the problem will resolve itself. Yet even with monitors to contact and have mediate the issues I see childish behavior and am greatly sadden by it. What happened to the site I feel in love with?!?!?!? Where has it gone? This can not be blamed on Ms. Veronika, she has not control over other peoples actions. Grow up people!



by pldc 23 Aug 2012

I am one of those who only post if I have too for fear of upsetting the applecart! I have noticed alot of zeros wheere ther should be flowers?????? Or alot of flowers & no responses???????? I sure hope the animosity blows over, too many unhappy people with nothing better to do than cause pain for others...........maybe their hurting too. A PRAYER FOR ALL CUTIES! PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE FAMILY HERE WOULD YOU TALK LIKE THIS TO YOUR MOTHER?

by meganne 23 Aug 2012

I would like to say something, not as a moderator, but as a Cutie who absolutely loves being part of this family.
Any web site is only as good as the members who make it up.
So when certain argumentative people become members, it can sometimes take a while to weed them out because that element can be so thick it takes a lot longer for them to get the message that they aren't welcome here.

We all must remember that this is Miss Veronika's website and we are only members AT HER ACCEPTANCE.

It is not **ANYONE'S** place to try and dictate to her, how she should run her site, what features she should have on it, what members she should allow, where posts should be made, what the content of posts should be, etc. etc. etc. It is HERS!!!!

If more members realised that they CAN and WILL be removed if Miss Veronika doesn't like their comments or behaviour, AND if they RESPECTED that this Website BELONGS to Miss V and that at this Website Miss V IS THE LAW, then I think things would improve dramatically and those people who want to argue about anything and everything, will go and find somewhere else to do it.
Then maybe we will be one big happy family again.
Hugs and roses, Meg

meganne by meganne 23 Aug 2012

PS. Imagine if Miss V decided one day that she was just so sick of all the bickering that she just closed down CuteEmbroidery for good!!!
Think about it.. I have.. that's why I became a moderator.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 23 Aug 2012

I so agree with you Meganne, thats one reason that the bickering saddens me so.

by greysewist Moderator 23 Aug 2012

There are lots of personalities brought together here as a huge, multicultural group, with lots of different interests. It would be even better if each person who doesn't like what they read would think about introducing a new sewing or embroidery topic or replying to one/some of those, rather than re-hashing what's not so good :) We could all move past the negative stuff so much faster that way!

by estherwaayenberg 22 Aug 2012

Don't forget that it is a lot easier to say something unacceptable on a forum that face to face. So because of that, some of us may feel free to speak out when maybe we shouldn't. I agree with some of the other commenters, please ignore what you don't like and skip over it instead of feeling hurt. My mother used to say about people who were outspoken, "Consider the source." I'm not exactly sure what she meant by it but usually it is the same person or people who "muddy the waters." If we ignore them, maybe the arguement won't get going and they'll learn that their rude behavior gets them nowhere.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

Awe but using private message is not face to face either. Makes me feel like they just live for the drama. So Sad.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Aug 2012

I think Drama is the word - LOL

by susiesembroidery 22 Aug 2012

We are a big family and disputes will arise. Let us just do our best to keep peace, love and harmony on this lovely website. A big thank you to Miss Veronika and our moderators for doing all they possibly can do achieve the best for all of us. Have a lovely day.*****

by debswebster 22 Aug 2012

Please do not despair, we are all family here no matter what. Hugs

by blueeyedblonde 22 Aug 2012

I don't always put a comment or ask a question as now I feel I might put it in the wrong place so don't ask questions unless I'm positive it is only emb. Related and nothing else!
Even now I'm not sure I should even put this comment in (lots of times I have started a comment only to cancel it).

bevintex by bevintex 22 Aug 2012

I hope there never comes a time when I am afraid to make a comment,ask a question or voice my opinion.

ansalu by ansalu 22 Aug 2012

Agree with you Bev. Sometimes I also think I better should sit on my fingers and don't write a comment ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by meganne 22 Aug 2012

Rome wasn't built in a day Diane, we are working to get back the site we all loved but sadly where there is growth there is change and not all change is good.
Miss V is STILL the only person who has control over who stays, who goes, and which posts will be removed for the sake of keeping the peace.
Moderators (at this point in time) can only report troublesome posts to Miss V and it is her decision ALONE as to what action will be taken.

The moderators have requested, and I do so again, that Cuties PLEASE, report any and all posts that are seen as being disruptive, directly to ALL FOUR moderators by way of a PM and include a link to the offending post.
Only in this way will we ever get on top of problems in a timely manner, before exchanges become heated and feelings get hurt.

We are all hoping for better things to come.
Hugs and roses, Meganne (site moderator 1 of 4)

marjialexa by marjialexa 22 Aug 2012

I agree, Meganne!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 22 Aug 2012

Let us hope we can all live in peace again.****

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

I totally agree, my comment about it not being Ms. Veronikas fault was that exactly. Yes I miss what we had here on the site, but I am referring to the harmony amungst members that I feel in love with when I joined here more so. I was such a friendly place & everyone was so willing to help each other out. I don't recall all this bickering out in the open when I joined. They may have done it provately but I don't recall all this ugliness I've seen in the last several months. I too hope we call all live in peace again!

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

and everyone was so willing to help each other out. I don't recall all this bickering out in the open when I joined. They may have done it provately but I don't recall all this ugliness I've seen in the last several months. I too hope we call all live in peace again!

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

I too hope we can all live in peace again! I do miss the wonderful features we had here but I miss the friendly helpful atmosphere the most. I'm not going anywhere, just not visiting as I used to, hoping things will get better.

by mjdg 22 Aug 2012

We all know that on any public forum we are eventually going to see these things crop up.

I just ignore them.

I still think this is the best site I've found for information about emb. machines and designs.


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debswebster by debswebster 22 Aug 2012

Hear hear !!

by katydid 22 Aug 2012

This site has always been the best site for learning and sharing. So many Cuties take time to help others. Let's keep it that way. Kay

by theduchess 22 Aug 2012

I usually never even bother to comment when I see this type of behavior.I may not like or agree with what is being said so I just either refrain from adding fuel to the fire or do not bother with the site for a few days. I can't leave Cute though because there are more good apples than rotten ones in this bunch.I love the "family" feelings it gives to me.I have made friends here and some have touched my evil heart by just the emails, or comments that are left.I will always cherish every item that was given to me by cute members. I have save every card I have received and include everyone connected with Cute in my prayers. Please do not tear this site apart by bickering it's very nonprofessional and very childish.For some of us this is the closest thing to a dinner table we have.

debswebster by debswebster 22 Aug 2012

My feelings exactly. Thank you for taking the time to express this.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

Oh it had a family feeling all right, Mine is like the Hatfeilds and McCoys the last few years and every used to get along so well. I don't go to family functions anymore becuase every time I do they are talking ugly about whom ever is not there and I want no part of it. When I say so I get dirty looks. So I stay away. So sad!

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

want no part of it. If I say anything I get dirty looks, and why are you defending so & So, so I stay away. So Sad.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Aug 2012

I also felt this way. But I feel it has gotten much better thanks to our monitors. I am sticking with Cute.

by noah 22 Aug 2012


by lbrow 22 Aug 2012

But what kind of example do we set when we run away from problems. There is a bit of a child in all of us. be that may either pouty, fussy, whimpering or happy and joyful clapping our hands at everything. That is the way children are when they are young. They learn by looking at others so we ignore the fussy behaviour and praise the good to try to reinforce and reward the good behaviour. Don't run away go on to what you like and ignore the bad behaviour as if it doesn't exist. This way they do not get the attention they want so behaviour will be reversed. I know I am a little on the pragmatic side but an optimist as I told Gerry this AM sometimes the roses with the most thorns are the most beautiful. There is good in everyone if we look for it. Hugs to you all/Lillian

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Aug 2012

I agree problems need to be addressed, but not in the public forum. It is a terrible thing to accuse someone of integrity of stealing. Honest mistakes happen, people need the benefit of the doubt. It bothers me a lot, too.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

Oh I never said I was leaving dear. I'm just very disappointed that people don't have enough self respect to do their bickering in private, rather than drag everyone less into their little dispute.

by starlite44 22 Aug 2012

I also don't visit here for the same reasons! Nasty comments should be kept to yourself and also if you feel the need to say something just please keep in mind is it something that you would like to hear yourself. This site is a very nice place to come for information not a place to feel like you are afraid what someone else may say. Lets be kind to one another. This is just my honest way of looking at the problem.................starlite

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 22 Aug 2012

I totally agree!

by caroldann 22 Aug 2012

I so agree and feel the same way. This is my first response to a post in over a month. Thank you for saying what I and I'm sure others have been feeling. Hugs.. Carol

by sigrun 22 Aug 2012

So agree.