by annafaye 18 Aug 2012

I am looking for the file names for the folders to keep your designs straight. Can anyone help me? I hope I have described what I want clear enough. Any help will be greaty appreciated.


by bevgrift 19 Aug 2012

I have saved my designs also by Site Names eg."cute" then sub-folders for FSL or Alphabets, it helps a lot if you don't want to DL them twice or more. Also if you need to go back to that designer for more of their designs eg.KreativeKiwi, Emblibary etc.
After a few years my folders read like a telephone book.
Happy Sorting!

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momhome by momhome 19 Aug 2012

I do this, but have taken it one step further. I have created an excel spreadsheet with all the information such as where it came from, the ID#, what I name it, the size, and format etc. Goodluck with whatever you decide to use.

by naven 19 Aug 2012

Hope this help you

by debleerl 18 Aug 2012

I created my own system. Five years ago, I would have appreciated having these. I never knew they existed. Your question and the answers will benefit newbies.


by jofrog2000 18 Aug 2012

Here are folders and some great info about how to use.
Doing it on your own is not hard, either. Pick main catagories and then make subfolders.Just like making an outline of a subject at school. Ex: Animals, then bears, bunnies, cats dogs, etc. Even if you start with someone else's list, you will end up adding what you want.

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kezza2sew by kezza2sew 18 Aug 2012

I have had this one for ages, it is very good.

by jrob Moderator 18 Aug 2012

There used to be a good starting place on Nelly Beans that had various folders listed for you to download. I can't seem to find it on the new website though. Maybe someone else will come along with it for you. ;)

by jerrib 18 Aug 2012

I have created my own list of files: eg Baby Designs- so I put all baby things things in this folder, or Animals, then have sub folders for different animals. I have over 250 folders and add new ones if something different comes along. This way its easier to find a certain design. I keep all my Alphabets in a separate folder, with a Font Sample folder. In it I put the letter A of each alpha. I keep an excel sheet with all the alpha's on and colour code them as to what CD I have saved them on. Hope this helps

pldc by pldc 18 Aug 2012

wow thats really good

jerrib by jerrib 18 Aug 2012

Thank you, it works well for me.

airyfairy by airyfairy 19 Aug 2012

Great idea Jerri.

noah by noah 19 Aug 2012

wow your good at this wanta come do mine ??

by pennifold 18 Aug 2012

Hi Anna,

There is one listed below. Good luck, love Chris

by greysewist Moderator 18 Aug 2012

You can create your own under my documents etc, by adding a new folder each time you save something different. That way you get appropriate folders for what you collect.

annafaye by annafaye 18 Aug 2012

Thank You

teddiebear by teddiebear 19 Aug 2012

great list always did my own but this way is great