by bunnyhop 16 Aug 2012

i've had to buy a new pc i had saved all my designs on a USB flash drive. this machine is running on windows 7 my other pc was windows xp home. when iv'e gone to look for a design the are coming up as FTNOA CS i have forgotten how to change them. i have ambassoder and sew what pro installed thats as far as iv'e got. any help would be grateful thank you


by danababes 18 Aug 2012

It sounds like you have the default for windows explorer view still set, which is to hide file extensions, to change them so you can view the file extensions/types follow the instructions on the link provided. hth :) xXx

by shirlener88 17 Aug 2012


by justonlyme 16 Aug 2012

The FTNOA is From The Needle Of Anne designs. If there is no file extension, try adding a .zip to them to see if they will open. The file extensions are either included or excluded according to your preferences, which will be in your settings. I want to say "display" but that might be your monitor settings. But that is a good place to start. Good luck.

by marjialexa Moderator 16 Aug 2012

I haven't got a clue, I'll run this XP till I die. I wish you much luck, I'm sure someone will know. Hugs, Marji

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airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Aug 2012

I know how you feel Marji. I am in desperate need of a new computer and I am just so worried that things will never be the same. Too old for change!!!! Sarah.