Colors: 7 

Letter W

Design #: 8922028
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 6.61"(w) x 3.19"(h)
Size (mm): 168 x 81
Stitches: 6000
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monogramfont11 w
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Turbeville by Turbeville 18d ago

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Please vote for "O" "Q" " R" Thank you all.

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Thank you. Only the letter Z is missing in my collection now... Please please please....

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cutepaws by cutepaws 29d ago

Thank you for W, would look lovely as any deco on a quilt.

asdfg by asdfg 29d ago

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MargaretMcDonald by MargaretMcDonald 29d ago

Love it. Will use for an edge. No one will know it's supposed to be a W. Just love the twirly bits. Margaret


Thank you very much

perraut by perraut 29d ago



Thanks, this is one I have been waiting tor.

jamiller by jamiller 29d ago

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worthy by worthy 29d ago

I am looking forward to getting the x-y-z- and hopefully someone besides me needs the B and i...Appreciate the votes .
Really thank you for this lovely alphabet.

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Thank You they are great

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My collection is growing. Thank you. Laurann

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Thank you very much for this last letter needed to complete my alphabet. Cuties, you are the best. If anyone needs any letter on this alpha. let us know so we may vote for it. Thanks again Ms. Veronika.. Maria Elena

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peafarm by peafarm 29d ago

So pretty-would love to see the mermaid in 'Seafont' come up and also the knight's helmet on the 'Dreamlike font'--thank you to anyone who will vote for these.

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0508 by 0508 29d ago

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LupitaRodriguez by LupitaRodriguez 06 Sep 2012

Muchas gracias, por favor puede repetir la M y la N. Se lo agradeceré mucho.

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W is for Wonderful. Thanks Ms V :)

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Thank you for the beautiful alphabet! Took my breath away when I first saw it!!

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WOW!!! What a "W"!!! Thanx!!!

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