Colors: 7 

Letter M

Design #: 8919059
Price: $1.97
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Size (in): 5.04"(w) x 2.99"(h)
Size (mm): 128 x 76
Stitches: 6600
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monogramfont11 m
feby by feby 6d ago

Much appreciation for the beautiful M.

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 6d ago

thank you for the M

sewydog1 by sewydog1 7d ago

thank you

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 7d ago


riac1 by riac1 7d ago

Many many thanks

naenenlisette by naenenlisette 7d ago


sewbusy60 by sewbusy60 7d ago

Thank you

Kaye52 by Kaye52 7d ago

Thank you so much

LLLadyBBBird639 by LLLadyBBBird639 7d ago

Thank you.

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 7d ago

Thank you!

1penny by 1penny 7d ago

Thank you

1cindy by 1cindy 7d ago

thank you

carmencita by carmencita 7d ago

Gracias, hermoso,

gypsylady1 by gypsylady1 7d ago

Thank you!!

habib12kargar by habib12kargar 7d ago

is beautiful

lesleyc by lesleyc 7d ago

thank you

Jyockey by Jyockey 7d ago

Thank you

cj2sew by cj2sew 7d ago

thank you

cherylmae by cherylmae 7d ago

hank you, it is beautiful

fwright by fwright 7d ago

Very pretty.

bgrgrmpy by bgrgrmpy 7d ago

thank you.


Thanks, I love all the letters.

Laurann by Laurann 7d ago

I love this Alphabet. Laurann

rebug by rebug 7d ago


sandralochran by sandralochran 7d ago

Thank you

Pug by Pug 7d ago

Thank you

betgor by betgor 7d ago

Lovely alphabet

cutepaws by cutepaws 7d ago


UteMcK by UteMcK 7d ago

thank you :-)

perraut by perraut 7d ago


sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 7d ago

Thanking you in kindness

sewydog1 by sewydog1 7d ago

thank you

jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 7d ago


ewusik by ewusik 7d ago

Pięknie dziękuje!

Ostviertel by Ostviertel 7d ago

So schön. Das wird für meine Mutter namens Marlie 😊

larysa by larysa 7d ago

очень понравилось. благодарю.

Judithanne by Judithanne 7d ago


rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 7d ago

thank you

nadin415 by nadin415 7d ago


DonnaL by DonnaL 7d ago


nolletmichelle by nolletmichelle 7d ago

merci beaucoup

Turbeville by Turbeville 7d ago

thank you

Stephe by Stephe 7d ago


0508 by 0508 7d ago

Danke !

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 7d ago


MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 7d ago


patou62 by patou62 7d ago

Très fin et très joli alphabet, merci



mlfinwv by mlfinwv 7d ago

Yeah, letter M. Thanks

Morinda by Morinda 7d ago

Thank you very much. A lovely -M-.

Morinda by Morinda 7d ago

Lovely just the letter I wanted.

markus by markus 7d ago

Thank you

Lanavich by Lanavich 7d ago

thank you!

colettec by colettec 7d ago

thank you

AuntMo by AuntMo 7d ago

Perfect! M for Maureen :-)

EBD108 by EBD108 7d ago

thank you!

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GAIL1951 by GAIL1951 7d ago

Thank you!

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mv65 by mv65 7d ago

Thank you

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peafarm by peafarm 7d ago

Thank you

mhn4evr by mhn4evr 7d ago

Thanks so much!

Alabama by Alabama 7d ago

Thank you

chips by chips 7d ago

Thank you

stw60526 by stw60526 7d ago


janelle by janelle 7d ago


craft6767 by craft6767 7d ago

thank you

jamiller by jamiller 7d ago

Love it, thanks

keurisp by keurisp 8d ago

I vote for the letter M

cooperal by cooperal 22d ago

So pretty! Would love to get the whole set!!

8298805 by 8298805 23d ago

Das ist sehr schön

LupitaRodriguez by LupitaRodriguez 18 Sep 2012

por favor repita esta letra hermosa.

LFentriss by LFentriss 17 Sep 2012

I need M also.

glassylady by glassylady 12 Sep 2012

Please vote for the M. I must have missed it.

8288508 by 8288508 27 Aug 2012

Love this font, was the M up??

myra by myra 27 Aug 2012

what happened to M, went from L to N ???

nonna57 by nonna57 26 Aug 2012

M is for Me Thanks Ms V :)

rostanti by rostanti 26 Aug 2012

Thank you so much

madrocki by madrocki 26 Aug 2012

beautiful thank you

fennyz by fennyz 26 Aug 2012

Thank you

tinfriend by tinfriend 26 Aug 2012

Thank You!

beatie58 by beatie58 26 Aug 2012

Thank you so much

granny2 by granny2 25 Aug 2012

♥thank you...thank you♥

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 25 Aug 2012

Thank YOU !

myrizun by myrizun 25 Aug 2012


designcrazy by designcrazy 25 Aug 2012

I also missed the L, I don't know if it was up or not, but hope to get it. Thanks

justonlyme by justonlyme 25 Aug 2012

Beautiful!! Thank you!

analian by analian 25 Aug 2012

Thanks a lot.Could you put the others, please?

donnajw by donnajw 25 Aug 2012

Thank you

maeeast67 by maeeast67 25 Aug 2012


gramsbear by gramsbear 25 Aug 2012

Thanx soooo much!!! Great "M"

cookiecrum9 by cookiecrum9 25 Aug 2012

thank you really love this font...hugs cookie

mjdg by mjdg 25 Aug 2012

AmI the only one that didn't see the L.... has it been skipped.

Lovely alpha... and thank you.

marlaschoenholz by marlaschoenholz 25 Aug 2012

Thank You!
I love this Alphabet!
Offer more like this, or more basic ones.
Thank you again

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 25 Aug 2012

Thank you

sewdenise by sewdenise 25 Aug 2012

Thank you very much!

art64 by art64 25 Aug 2012

Thank you.

leaheremans by leaheremans 25 Aug 2012

dank u

orfil by orfil 25 Aug 2012

Many thanks.

rosy1906 by rosy1906 25 Aug 2012


isuzu by isuzu 25 Aug 2012

thank you

sonjaemma by sonjaemma 25 Aug 2012

bogstav L er sprunget over Z kom i stedet

slovenka by slovenka 25 Aug 2012


sheilapam by sheilapam 25 Aug 2012

Thank you, but please keep them in sequence.

sewdeb by sewdeb 25 Aug 2012

Thanks so much.

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 25 Aug 2012

Mooi ...Dankie

kuttage by kuttage 25 Aug 2012


ildiko by ildiko 25 Aug 2012


viebschen by viebschen 25 Aug 2012

got the Z & M no L but lovely alpha thank you

markus by markus 25 Aug 2012


flordefuego926 by flordefuego926 25 Aug 2012

Thank you for the beautiful M (my initial) & thank you for posting the "L" which was missing from the voting for a while. Let's vote for the L cuties, so we can get back on track with this alphabet. Thanks again.

debcarlson by debcarlson 25 Aug 2012

Many thanks!!

cogs42 by cogs42 25 Aug 2012

Thank you

ttiwedj by ttiwedj 25 Aug 2012

The fonts are beautiful. Thank you.

janelle by janelle 25 Aug 2012


pamlamb by pamlamb 25 Aug 2012

Wow! Stunning! Many thanks. I am really enjoying this alphabet.

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 25 Aug 2012

Thank you very much for these beautiful designs.

perraut by perraut 25 Aug 2012

magnifique, comme toujours
merci, chris de paris

mad14kt by mad14kt 25 Aug 2012


sweetbabe07 by sweetbabe07 25 Aug 2012

Thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 25 Aug 2012

Thank you

glockenblume by glockenblume 25 Aug 2012

Great that the missing L is up - thank you!

1reader37 by 1reader37 25 Aug 2012

Glad to see we can get the L next. Thank you!

sireene by sireene 25 Aug 2012

Sorry to big

kayakquilter by kayakquilter 25 Aug 2012

thank you:)

astridmeiring by astridmeiring 25 Aug 2012

The missing L is not free. Can you put it up again please.

handy by handy 25 Aug 2012


chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 25 Aug 2012

Thank you.

koosjefred by koosjefred 25 Aug 2012

Thank you!

marciaje by marciaje 25 Aug 2012

Thank you!

concettabaglieri by concettabaglieri 25 Aug 2012

grazie per aver trovato la lettera L

ullis by ullis 25 Aug 2012

Thank you!!

ritageysen by ritageysen 25 Aug 2012

dank u wel

ejtads by ejtads 25 Aug 2012

Beautiful quilt

printshirt by printshirt 25 Aug 2012

The L was not posted and is missing.

casiewilliams by casiewilliams 25 Aug 2012

The L is up now -- couldn't find it yesterday. Hope people vote for it! It's number 8917092

fcgrouchy by fcgrouchy 25 Aug 2012

L is now available to be picked as the free design!!!

sharongee by sharongee 25 Aug 2012

Was the "L" posted? I may have missed it. Thanks for going back on this alpha. Just beautiful!

edda by edda 19 Aug 2012

ok,molto bello

justonlyme by justonlyme 14 Aug 2012

This is an absolutely gorgeous monogram font!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us!!! Your site is amazing, and one of my favorite to hang out in. :)