by madrocki 13 Aug 2012

Quite some time ago DBC put out a train design suitable for a child. I know I downloaded it but cannot find it, I know I had it because I stitched it out and took a picture, I have the picture. Appreciate it if you can help, thanks in advance



by marjialexa Moderator 13 Aug 2012

Madeline, I don't remember one in Designs by Cuties, but there is a Funny Train Font here on Cute, and there's a darling little train engine that starts it, without the letters. The letters are on train cars. Here's the link, if this is it maybe it's in your font or alphabet file. Hugs, Marji

by pennifold 13 Aug 2012

On the Community page over on the far right hand side is a SEARCH box. Type in Train design and a whole lot of posts come up, maybe it's in one of those. Good luck, love Chris

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madrocki by madrocki 13 Aug 2012

I did not find the one I was looking for but I found quite a number of links for trains which I downloaded. There are hundreds of links but for now I will be happy with what I have got, thanks to you.