Colors: 7 

Letter A

Design #: 8917014
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 5.31"(w) x 3.39"(h)
Size (mm): 135 x 86
Stitches: 5400
Colors: 7 Color Chart: View | Print
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monogramfont11 a
1penny by 1penny 19 Aug 2020

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Cruelabel by Cruelabel 18 Aug 2020

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ElviraM by ElviraM 18 Aug 2020

Viielen DANK !!!

Pircy by Pircy 14 Jun 2018

thank you very much for this lovely alphabet

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SIMONE91 by SIMONE91 01 Jun 2017

Merci pour cette jolie lettre!

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Kaye52 by Kaye52 31 May 2017

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markus by markus 31 May 2017

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ramon by ramon 31 May 2017

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bherethere by bherethere 31 May 2017

thank you, still need the letter P. tks

bgrgrmpy by bgrgrmpy 31 May 2017

lovely, thanks

asdfg by asdfg 31 May 2017

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L1nd8 by L1nd8 31 May 2017

Please vote for R. Thanks

Charris1599 by Charris1599 31 May 2017

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vly3 by vly3 07 May 2017

very delicate

pegah71 by pegah71 07 May 2017

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sue1963 by sue1963 07 May 2017

thanks looks great

asdfg by asdfg 07 May 2017

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Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 06 May 2017

Thank you so much! It´s special desing!

sewdenise by sewdenise 06 May 2017

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cj2sew by cj2sew 06 May 2017

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Laurann by Laurann 06 May 2017

Gorgeous. Laurann

Laurann by Laurann 06 May 2017

Gorgeous. Laurann

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 06 May 2017

So Beautiful....Thank you

EBD108 by EBD108 06 May 2017

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great ty

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Thank you very much

seamripper40 by seamripper40 06 May 2017

Love this alaphbet

gisaa by gisaa 06 May 2017

Vielen Dank dafür

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mhn4evr by mhn4evr 06 May 2017

Thanks so much!

craft6767 by craft6767 06 May 2017

thank you

flordefuego926 by flordefuego926 06 May 2017

Please vote for the "W" on this Monogram Font 11 alphabet. It's the only one I need to complete set. Thank you. Maria Elena

Francabrotto by Francabrotto 06 May 2017


peafarm by peafarm 06 May 2017

Lovely-thank you

jocelyne45 by jocelyne45 06 May 2017


chips by chips 06 May 2017

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BEAUDE by BEAUDE 06 May 2017

it's so beautiful Thanks

Atisor by Atisor 06 May 2017

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janelle by janelle 06 May 2017


Benavidmm by Benavidmm 22 Nov 2016

hermosamente elegante.

las letras se ven divinas....

mil gracias

madrocki by madrocki 10 Sep 2012

many thanks for this beautiful font, the ones I have missed I will come back to buy.

jasa by jasa 10 Sep 2012


lantzzone by lantzzone 10 Sep 2012

Thank you so much for the beautiful font!! You're very generous!

Hey girls, how 'bout we start a fall or Christmas font soon? Any letters we missed are MORE than worth the tiny price to complete your sets and in all fairness to the wonderful digitizer I'm sure she/they would appreciate a buck or two. (After all, it looks like a lot of detailed work, just sayin') Anyhow... there's a bea-U-tiful Christmas corner font with holly that would be LOVE-ly in my humble opinion..

mpl53 by mpl53 09 Sep 2012

Thank you so much -This is a BEAUTIFUL font!! can't wait to try it! I guess I need to check my L's and Z's to make sure I have the L.

outback43 by outback43 09 Sep 2012

thank you for this awesome font*

kayakquilter by kayakquilter 09 Sep 2012

thank you for the beautiful letters:)

pintuck by pintuck 09 Sep 2012

Answer to Lilac: The L and the Z are different. When the L was first offered as a freebie, the Z was posted instead. Eventually the L was offered as a freebie.

designcrazy by designcrazy 09 Sep 2012

I missed X & Y because we didn't have internet service where we stayed this weekend. Oh, we were suppose to have it, but they were changing servers or something and we never were able to get connected. I was not happy!

wanger by wanger 09 Sep 2012

Vielen herzlichen Dank für das wunderschöne ganze Alphabet,super

anne55 by anne55 09 Sep 2012

Thanks so much for the Letter A and for a beautiful font!

hoctheu by hoctheu 09 Sep 2012

Thanks a lot! (:-))

glober by glober 09 Sep 2012

Thank you so much ;-))

barbarafay by barbarafay 09 Sep 2012

Thank you for an awesome font!

Llac by Llac 09 Sep 2012

Why are the L & Z the same?

imajem by imajem 09 Sep 2012

This is by far the prettiest font so far but I did miss a few...F,G,Q Z....G in particular for a friend. Thanks so much!!!

tlp22 by tlp22 09 Sep 2012

please vote for the K this is a gorgeous alphabet and hate to miss it

flordefuego926 by flordefuego926 09 Sep 2012

I missed the posting of the letter "W" (Don't know what happened - may be the time of day I check in). Please vote for this letter "W" as it is the only one I missed & need it for a friend's name. Thanks.

debcarlson by debcarlson 09 Sep 2012

Thank You♥

sweetbabe07 by sweetbabe07 09 Sep 2012

Thank you for the lovely font.

hoctheu by hoctheu 09 Sep 2012

i also missed the A too. Thanks a lot!

hreid by hreid 22 Aug 2012

I also missed the A.

sammy by sammy 20 Aug 2012

Please put up the letter A again - I check every day but I really missed this one. It is such a beautiful font and I have so many friends whose names start with A. Thank you.

WillowRayne by WillowRayne 19 Aug 2012

Please post A again. It was up on the first day for a second and when I started to download it suddenly put the B up and I done this first thing that morning. The letter B was given on the first and second day. I love and appreciate all the free designs but hope you can offer the letter A again for those of us that didn't get it.

sporttail by sporttail 17 Aug 2012

i cant find it to vote for it

charliefarlie by charliefarlie 16 Aug 2012

I did't see A free downlode

mpl53 by mpl53 15 Aug 2012

Did not see letter A either. Do you sell the whole alphabet? It is beautiful!!!

veldt by veldt 15 Aug 2012

I did not see the A please post it again...beautiful...

summaries by summaries 15 Aug 2012

I got letter B the first day at 10:41 EST AM

summaries by summaries 15 Aug 2012

Please post letter A again. Many people did not get it. Got letter B the first day, and then the next day , letter B was posted again.

alazgal6 by alazgal6 14 Aug 2012

Thanks ever so much,lovely.

kuttage by kuttage 14 Aug 2012

Thank you very much.

baley by baley 14 Aug 2012

Very pretty thank you

mariagiovanna by mariagiovanna 14 Aug 2012

bellissima grazie

madrocki by madrocki 14 Aug 2012

very pretty thank you

tasja by tasja 14 Aug 2012

Vind het supper mooi dank u.

cogs42 by cogs42 14 Aug 2012

Thank you

mv65 by mv65 14 Aug 2012

Thank you

1311estelle by 1311estelle 14 Aug 2012

Its very pretty, thanks!

gerryvb by gerryvb 14 Aug 2012

it's beautiful, thank you!

amcavalieri by amcavalieri 14 Aug 2012

really lovely

NAD1 by NAD1 14 Aug 2012

So pretty, thank you!!

kkting by kkting 14 Aug 2012

Thank you so much, love it so beautiful!

mygalsal by mygalsal 14 Aug 2012

A lovely artistic rendering of a very useful font...just so graceful! Thank you! And, I really like the size~

justonlyme by justonlyme 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful! Large and wonderful!! Thank you!!

dftownsenddoris by dftownsenddoris 13 Aug 2012

A very beautiful design. Thank YOU

evrnstitches by evrnstitches 13 Aug 2012

Always love your alphas, but this one really tugged my heartstrings. Thank you, thank you.

kinta by kinta 13 Aug 2012

It is beautiful

vickiannette by vickiannette 13 Aug 2012

This is going to be popular. Thank you.

euno by euno 13 Aug 2012

Lovely, Thank you.

virginiadgrant by virginiadgrant 13 Aug 2012

Thanks for the free designs. I have used lots of them. They always work so beautifully. Thanks again

henryjames003 by henryjames003 13 Aug 2012

Lovvvve it!!!!
Thank you so much.

zedna by zedna 13 Aug 2012

This is sooooo beautiful! Many thanks!

sewdenise by sewdenise 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful - Thank you so much!

gandu by gandu 13 Aug 2012

What a beauty thanks a lot

clawton by clawton 13 Aug 2012

These are very elegant letters. Thanks. Hopefully we'll be able to get them in a pack.

madams by madams 13 Aug 2012

Thank You beautiful letter should look great on a lap-cloth

nonna57 by nonna57 13 Aug 2012

Another beautiful font. Thankyou Ms V :)

chenille by chenille 13 Aug 2012

Thank you! Love this!! :-)

margiepeart by margiepeart 13 Aug 2012

Thanks for the beeeautiful A

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 13 Aug 2012

Thank-you - this new monogramfont11 looks so pretty!!
The monogramfont7 was very stylish, too.

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 13 Aug 2012

Thank you!

maeeast67 by maeeast67 13 Aug 2012

Thanks! Love those BIG letters!

debcarlson by debcarlson 13 Aug 2012

Many thanks!

ebrogers by ebrogers 13 Aug 2012

too large. how about offering 1 size for large and 1 size for 4x4 and under.

alex77 by alex77 13 Aug 2012


mad14kt by mad14kt 13 Aug 2012


rosabigorrafernandez by rosabigorrafernandez 13 Aug 2012

muchas gracias por la A son preciosas

pamhayes by pamhayes 13 Aug 2012

wonderful thank you

mtjoylil by mtjoylil 13 Aug 2012

Thank you Lovely dainty floral font

Grammyntenn by Grammyntenn 13 Aug 2012

I can't wait to use this on a gift. gorgeous :)

jsparrell by jsparrell 13 Aug 2012

Love this... Thank you very much!

fekla by fekla 13 Aug 2012

Thank You, very beautiful!

sewydog by sewydog 13 Aug 2012

very pretty, thanks

lauraw by lauraw 13 Aug 2012

This is so elegant! Thank you.

claude by claude 13 Aug 2012

très beau ! merci beaucoup

molinet by molinet 13 Aug 2012

It's beautiful, thank you

bettyanndavid by bettyanndavid 13 Aug 2012

love love thank you Betty

isuzu by isuzu 13 Aug 2012

Thank you lovely

mariahail by mariahail 13 Aug 2012

oh, this is gorgeous!!!!

rosy1906 by rosy1906 13 Aug 2012

thanks, love it!

ildiko by ildiko 13 Aug 2012


orfil by orfil 13 Aug 2012

Many thanks.

pjcmac17 by pjcmac17 13 Aug 2012

Thank you so much. I am just learning to do this and I love this

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 13 Aug 2012

I am so very grateful for this letter A - thank you very much Miss Veronika. I really appreciate it.***

1960 by 1960 13 Aug 2012

bellissima grazie

birdpoor by birdpoor 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful A. Thank you so much.

j15 by j15 13 Aug 2012

Thank you It is beautiful.

Jae by Jae 13 Aug 2012

It is very generous of you to offer free designs, thank you, they are appreciated.

altahill by altahill 13 Aug 2012

I need this in a smaller size!

donnajw by donnajw 13 Aug 2012

Thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 13 Aug 2012

Thank you very much

slovenka by slovenka 13 Aug 2012


annmcd by annmcd 13 Aug 2012

Thanks! it is beautiful

joanct by joanct 13 Aug 2012

Thank you Beautiful A

pamlamb by pamlamb 13 Aug 2012

Oh! Wow! What a Beautiful 'A' Thank you so much.

horst by horst 13 Aug 2012

Very nice designed. Thanks for the design

seaquilter5695 by seaquilter5695 13 Aug 2012

Thank you for the lovely design!

coasterstep by coasterstep 13 Aug 2012

magnifique, merci

marje by marje 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful, many thanks

sireene by sireene 13 Aug 2012

Iam sorry to big.

omieromy by omieromy 13 Aug 2012


pcrc46 by pcrc46 13 Aug 2012

Thank you for the "A". These are beautiful.

maltamade by maltamade 13 Aug 2012

Thank you for the A. It is beautiful many thanks - Eileen

outback43 by outback43 13 Aug 2012

awesome, thank you *

markus by markus 13 Aug 2012

Lovely thank you

bettymorgan by bettymorgan 13 Aug 2012

This new Font set is nothing but awsome and sew Victorian.
I just love it and thank you
sew very much..
Betty Morgan

imajem by imajem 13 Aug 2012

I have a compaq computer and this won't work....says it's not a valid win32 bit application???? How to fix it????

janelle by janelle 13 Aug 2012


sewdeb by sewdeb 13 Aug 2012

Lovely! Thank you!

almi by almi 13 Aug 2012

Thank you very much!

art64 by art64 13 Aug 2012

Thank you.

alias1991 by alias1991 13 Aug 2012

ma la a non tutti lìhanno

blindvik by blindvik 13 Aug 2012

Absolutely love love love this font...thankyou, Bertha

anto61 by anto61 13 Aug 2012


rosabigorrafernandez by rosabigorrafernandez 13 Aug 2012

es precioso precioso como todos pero no he podido coger la A que puedo hacer?

Muchas gracias.

crafty4231 by crafty4231 13 Aug 2012

To Willow Rayne
This beautiful "A" will not fit in the 4x4 hoop it is appx 4 X 5 1/2. Really a shame I have a 4X4 too and I love these fonts. I wish they would give us smaller fonts.

bordarideias by bordarideias 13 Aug 2012

Thank you very much. The last font you've daily offered was funtastic.
Thanks again.

chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 13 Aug 2012

Very Pretty Alphabet. Thank you.

remko25 by remko25 13 Aug 2012

zeer mooi

WillowRayne by WillowRayne 13 Aug 2012

I'm new to embroidery and would like to know if anyone can tell me if this alpha will fit in the 4x4 hoop? Thanks!

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 13 Aug 2012

Lovely elegant alphabet, thank you

4tolove by 4tolove 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful. Thank you!

cdgoforth32 by cdgoforth32 13 Aug 2012

Lovely font, just hope I can remember to come back each day and get the new letter

lellamimi by lellamimi 13 Aug 2012

lovely, thank you

sheilapam by sheilapam 13 Aug 2012

Very pretty, Thank you

handy by handy 13 Aug 2012


watercolorjen by watercolorjen 13 Aug 2012

Love this one~thanks ♥

meganne by meganne 13 Aug 2012

Thank you so much for the Gorgeous new alpha, Miss Veronika, I Love it.
hugs n roses, Meganne

pbilliot by pbilliot 13 Aug 2012

Thank You Very Much for the Lovely Font.

craftinan by craftinan 13 Aug 2012

Thank you

ctonne by ctonne 13 Aug 2012

Lovely letter with beautiful swirly floral accents. Thank you.

jenniferpouw by jenniferpouw 13 Aug 2012

I like it,thankyou very much

genegunther by genegunther 13 Aug 2012

What a beautiful font : Thank you so much.

ejtads by ejtads 13 Aug 2012

Thank You

ejtads by ejtads 13 Aug 2012

Thank You

pennypicker by pennypicker 13 Aug 2012

Thank You so much.Can't wait to use it.

petdenhan by petdenhan 13 Aug 2012


tolgamum by tolgamum 13 Aug 2012

Super nice A, thank you.

jrob by jrob 13 Aug 2012

Oh, how SWEET! I'm going to have to scramble to find something new to put this on for my darling granddaughters!

lucelle by lucelle 13 Aug 2012

Baie mooi!!!!! Dankie!!!!!

teawithyvonne by teawithyvonne 13 Aug 2012

Thank's simply elegant

bentesofie by bentesofie 13 Aug 2012

thank you love it

awesome1 by awesome1 13 Aug 2012

This is beautiful! Thank you.

lidiad by lidiad 13 Aug 2012

Wow! What a beautiful font!!!!!
Thank you!

frankism by frankism 13 Aug 2012

Beautiful cant wait to get the complete set

johnaja1949 by johnaja1949 13 Aug 2012

Thank you, it's beautiful.

marie77 by marie77 13 Aug 2012

magnifique merci

jkhkhs by jkhkhs 13 Aug 2012

thank you

sewdup by sewdup 13 Aug 2012

Very pretty. Thank you.

tinfriend by tinfriend 13 Aug 2012

Thank You!

margheritaviolini by margheritaviolini 13 Aug 2012


perraut by perraut 13 Aug 2012

très joli, j adore
merci, chris de paris

lenie22 by lenie22 13 Aug 2012

dank je wel

tasja by tasja 13 Aug 2012

Heel mooi dank u wel.

asterixsew by asterixsew 13 Aug 2012

Diolch yn fawr

emb4bug by emb4bug 13 Aug 2012

Thank You lovely

ritageysen by ritageysen 13 Aug 2012

dank u wel

Giselegloria by Giselegloria 13 Aug 2012

Soooo Beautiful ! Thanks.

monicahall by monicahall 13 Aug 2012

Thankyou it is beautiful

pinon by pinon 13 Aug 2012

It's beautiful! Thank you!

cricket351 by cricket351 13 Aug 2012

So pretty! Thank you very much.

cece1 by cece1 13 Aug 2012

Oops, sorry beeboomer, I didn't see your response when I wrote mine. Please excuse me. Anyway, aren't we lucky?!

taniamonti by taniamonti 13 Aug 2012

Very nice!

cece1 by cece1 13 Aug 2012

Oh, I get to be the first to say this alphabet is beautiful! Thanks!

beeboomer by beeboomer 13 Aug 2012

I LOVE this alphabet! This is the kind of embroidery I really like, traditional without a heavy fill. Thank you very much!