by nancygiroir 09 Aug 2012

what is the correct size needle to use when embroidering dense designs? I'm either doing something wrong or my singer doesn't like dense designs! I keep getting "birds nests" under the hoop when the design is too thick--any suggestions?


by mumzyfarm 11 Aug 2012

make sure your bobbin thread is 60wt if it isn't it will birds nest I discovered that the hard way also make sure your bobbin holder is clean and clear of threads and dust I clean out my bobbin every time i change the the bobbin thread also the singer machines are very sensitive to the type of bobbin you use if you are using a futura it needs to be flat on the top and bottom the curved ones will cause the birds nesting. i also discovered this the hard way not that I am using the proper 60wt thread and the flat bobbins (singer class 15j) I don't have birds nesting problems unless i have dust or threads stuck in my bobbin. Hope this helps just wish there had been someone out there to tell me this when I was having the problem. Good Luck Mumzyfarm

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 11 Aug 2012

I have the correct weight thread and bobbin. I will start by cleaning bobbin machine automatically winds the bottom when low, so I do forget to clean the bobbin area as often as I should. thanks for your suggestions.

pennyhal by pennyhal 11 Aug 2012

Your machine automatically winds the bobbin when low? How does it do that?

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 11 Aug 2012

the singer XL6000 has the feature called the endless bobbin; there's a special bobbin that is used and a place for a full spool of bobbin thread. when it senses you're low, it automatically stops

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 11 Aug 2012

and winds the bobbin for you, and then continues with the embroidery. you can turn the feature off when you want to match thread for FSL. I keep it on for almost all projects--it has spoiled me!

by eastwitch2 10 Aug 2012

You might also try starching your cotton fabric.
Spray with spray starch and then iron and then repeat a few times.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 10 Aug 2012

thanks again

by debi197 10 Aug 2012

Hi Nancy

I have had this problem with my brother doing dense designs. I went so far as to take it in for service, but that wasn't the answer for me. My problem that I discovered on my own: I needed to use a size 14 sharp emb needle, some cut away iron on stabilizer, and slow my machine to 350 stitches a minute.

With a size 11 needle, they kept breaking, changing to a 14 really helped with that.

No matter what strength of tear away, I still got the thread loops/nests/whatever you want to call it. Even using several layers didn't help with the nesting. I found a package of Sulky iron on cut away at a quilt shop, and thought "what the heck". I went back to the shop and bought some by the yard after i tried it....I love it.

I hope this helps.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 10 Aug 2012

thank you, I have a lot of different options to try--something's got to work!

by oigelcox 09 Aug 2012

I would make the design larger with your software which will help with the density of the design or it you have buzz tools it has a program to remove unnessery stitches . Hugs Joyce

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 10 Aug 2012

I don't have any software to change density but thanks for your suggestion. I might look into getting software in the future.

diamondfowler by diamondfowler 11 Aug 2012

I have buzz tools but it is so old, I wonder if it will do it, the program is about 17years old

by eastwitch2 09 Aug 2012

If you have software can you change the density of the design with stitch adjustment but retain the size and integrity of the designs you may want to try that.

Or you may try to just resize the design up in size by a bit 5% and see if that helps.
Either way make sure the larger design size fits your hoop.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 10 Aug 2012

I don't have software but I know I can make designs a bit larger...if all else fails, I'll try that too...thank you

by noah 09 Aug 2012

I have had every singer going and none of them liked thick designs so i slowed my girls way down to sew a thick one and even that didn't work some days hugs carolyn

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 10 Aug 2012

If I know a thick part is coming I do slow the machine down; of course, if it's a new design I don't know it's coming!! What kind of Singer do you have? I have XL150 and XL6000.

by eastwitch2 09 Aug 2012

Make sure your bobbin is in right and winding in the correct direction and that the bobbin thread is clicking into the bobbin tension disc on the bobbin case.

Clean all the bobbin area and under the bobbin case.
You can floss the bobbin tension disc with a heavier sewing thread or unwaxed Dental floss. Pull it through the bobbin tension disc on the bobbin case the same way the bobbin thread would go through it.
You may have lint or a piece of thread stuck in the bobbin tension disk.

You could try a size 80/12 embroidery needle to see if that helps. Test and see if that works.

For FSL I use an 80/12 sharp point embroidery needle.

You could also Try lowering your top thread tension down just a bit and test to see if that helps you.

Test one thing at a time to see if any help you.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 09 Aug 2012

thank you for your help, I'll try your's getting old keeping my finger by the stop button while embroidering!!!

by eastwitch2 09 Aug 2012

What size needle are you using?
What type of fabric are you stitrcing on?
What stabilizer are you using?

Usually birds nests under the stitch plate is problems with the top thread not being in the top thread tension disc.

Is it your top thread nesting or your bobbin thread coming up and nesting?


eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 09 Aug 2012

How many stitches in your design?
Did you start the design with a new needle?

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 09 Aug 2012

I've always been told to use a size 11 needle; with cut away stabilizer/cotton fabric. I always start with a new needle when using dense designs. the stitch count varies from 14,000 stitches on up. it doesn't happen every time, just when there are too many layers of stitches in one area. it even happens on lace designs, using 2 layers of wash away (like the angel of Christmas by sonia. the bobbin thread is coming up and nesting. when I stitch dense designs lately, I just sit there with my finger on the stop button, which is getting very old!! thanx for helping!

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 09 Aug 2012

just when there are too many stitches in one area. it even happened on angel of Christmas ornament by Sonia...using 2 layers of wash away. the bobbin thread comes up and nests. thanks for your help.