by celia50 07 Aug 2012

I know this is old hat to many but we have just experienced snow in Johannesburg, South Africa. The last heavy snowfall we had was in Sept 1981 . Very exciting for us!


by airyfairy 09 Aug 2012

I have been watching the news and seen the areas which have snow. Although we do not have any snow here in Knysna is is terribly cold and wet. Cannot wait for summer. Keep warm Celia. Sarah.

by judybell 09 Aug 2012

It is very pretty. I'm am painting a picture that is winter and two little kids walking up the road pulling a sled. This picture of yours makes me want to get back down stairs. Hugs, Judy

by hightechgrammy 09 Aug 2012

Wow! You really are having a winter!! Isn't it pretty!!

by oigelcox 09 Aug 2012

All looks very pretty. We dont have snow here in Brisbane Queensland Australia . I have never even seen snow. How sad is that. Hugs Joyce

by shirlener88 09 Aug 2012

It sure looks nice and cool - it has been very hot here - over 100 degrees for several days.

by marthie 09 Aug 2012

You are so lucky. I love that kind of weather and now I am in the UK and it is summer!!!!

by clawton 08 Aug 2012

Enjoy that snow while it lasts. I think it is beautiful!

by emily16838 07 Aug 2012


by asterixsew Moderator 07 Aug 2012

Enjoy it while it lasts

by capoodle 07 Aug 2012

I'm sure there was excitement and a treat for the young and the old as they woke to see the white wet cold stuff. We live in the mountains and still I enjoy watching the snow come down at least until I have to go out and drive in it. lol

by lique 07 Aug 2012

Love South Africa but will not go there if it is snowing!!! I hate snow and cold weather!

by cfidl 07 Aug 2012

Wow! It is one for the record books! I bet the children wish there was more so you could make a snowman! LLDS!

by nannynorfolk 07 Aug 2012

and in the UK we have your sun and warm weather :)
would gladly swap your weather permanently :) lol

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celia50 by celia50 07 Aug 2012

Must say a tad too chilly for me at the moment. Love our summer weather in South Africa!

by leenova54 07 Aug 2012

Wonderful pic! I love when it looks like that, it's the icy roads I hate!

by 02kar Moderator 07 Aug 2012

Beuatiful, isn't it! Glad you had enough to enjoy, but not too much to make it dangerous.