by phi4 02 Aug 2012

I have asked some questions in the past & as early as today. For some reason, it just disappears. I am fairly new to the site & am not well connected or popular as some of you are.To say the least, I am disappointed.But would like to know the reason if I may.


by marjialexa Moderator 02 Aug 2012

I've put the link to my answer in your other question like this. Perhaps you didn't realize that the question with the most recent answer pops to the top, and the other questions move down. Your question could easily be on page 2 or 3 sometimes, if the site is busy. All the numbers at the bottom of the page are how many pages of questions there are, and there are hundreds! Old ones go to the back pages, but mostly they don't go away. To know when a question was asked, look up by the avatar, the screen name, then when the question was asked. It'll be hours, days, or a date. Usually wise to look at that if you've found a question way back in the pages, it could be very out of date. Hope this helps, Hugs, Marji

by joansatx 02 Aug 2012

It could be something as simple as making sure when clicking the "Submit" button you can see that it worked.

by shirlener88 02 Aug 2012

what were your questions? Are you sure they are not just on another page?

shirlener88 by shirlener88 02 Aug 2012

I brought several of them to the top - for you to review.

phi4 by phi4 02 Aug 2012

Thank you for bringing up those questions. How do you go to the next page ? I scroll down @ the end of the page & think that is the end of it.How do you retrieve the questions to make sure that somebody answers questions are answered today & thank your effort & time.

phi4 by phi4 02 Aug 2012

I figured it out myself about going to next pages. It is my mistake for not going over other pages.I apologise.