by robinw 30 Jul 2012

Hi Cuties...Help; I am at my witts end! We recently put in new carpet in my office where I keep most computer stuff. This room has been unorganized for some time now. I also just had my computer's hard drive wiped clean and am starting over and when going to get my embroidery software, I have everything I need except the cd to install it!! I have looked everywhere and torn other rooms and drawers apart looking. Pfaff no longer has anything to do with creative 3D. Does anyone have that software that would be willing to copy it for me?? I am willing to pay for the copy and postage to me. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.


by meganne 31 Jul 2012

Well for starters it is illegal to copy and share software of any kind. That is why it is licensed (to use) to the person who purchased and installed it.
It is only licensed to USE, the intellectual property always remains the property of the developer.
This is a very dangerous area we are getting into, because even if a person has purchased say the 3D, then upgraded to 4D, they are not supposed to give away the original 3D as it forms part of the software and license they are still using.

So, if you installed their 3D you would have to register it in their name because that is who it is licensed to and this information would be recorded, either on the installation disk, or at the software company's online data storage.
That is why most software companies require you to have internet connection when you install programs these days.

Now you may want to check this out by contacting Pfaff GLOBAL online or PFAFF head office in your country, they should have a record of your original registration on file and perhaps they may do you a deal for a later version for a small fee.

I had to do this with my Adobe Photoshop Professional program, that I had misplaced my license for, when I had to install it on a new pc.
I purchased the original program around 1997 and they still had a record of my license on file, so they upgraded me to the very latest version and gave me the upgrades in between to get my original program up to date and fully licensed.

It pays to ask nicely, and be willing to pay a small fee. And if Pfaff don't want to help you out at all.. then you can come back here and vent your anger at them and tell them you are going to tell the whole world how unhelpful they are. OK?

Good luck! hugs n roses, Meganne

by mops Moderator 31 Jul 2012

I wonder if a copy would work, you'd need the installation number as well, which as far as I know is different for each CD set. Their copyright rules are very strict and it amazes me a dealer would tell you to get a copy.
Having said that the Pfaff/Viking representative who demonstrated and sold the cut work needles at my dealer's adviced two friends to have one buy the Pfaff and the other the Viking version as the only difference was the designs in the sets -that way they could swap designs.

I hope you'll find your CDs, they must be around somewhere.

sewromantic by sewromantic 31 Jul 2012

Swap designs?!! That is a violation of copyright!!! Can't believe she suggested it!

mops by mops 31 Jul 2012

Neither did I, but she did.

by edithfarminer 31 Jul 2012

I wonder if we keep an eye out on Ebay, maybe someone is upgrading and want to sell. wish you luck, must be devastating as I know what it all cost.
If not look at embird what is a lot cheaper as replacement

by momhome 31 Jul 2012

I also have a Pfaff, but it a 2140 and not a creative 3D. Is there more identifying information that I would need to do some looking for you. I thought I would call my Pfaff dealer that I go to for support and see if they have any by chance.

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mops by mops 31 Jul 2012

Creative 3D is not a machine but the software. The current one is 5D and unfortunately there's no support for former versions.

by airyfairy 31 Jul 2012

Oh dear! I can imagine what you are going through. Afraid I cannot help but sending you a hug. Sarah.

by thecraftycritter 30 Jul 2012

Sent you a PM

by robinw 30 Jul 2012

thanks for your suggestions ladies, I have already gone to pfaff and 3D is too old. they no longer support it and have nothing anymore for replacements on it. they are the ones who suggested I try and find someone with it to help out. boo-hoo!! crying in north dakota!

by justonlyme 30 Jul 2012

Hopefully something in here will be helpful!

by justonlyme 30 Jul 2012

Sometimes, you can go to a company site and look at their downloads. It would be worth trying to see if you can find the software in their download section for your particular machine. IF you don't find it in English, try other languages. I know that Brother and others have sites in different languages with completely different content. I wish you the best of luck!!
Also, check EBay, and Craig's List. You never know what you might find there!

by marjialexa Moderator 30 Jul 2012

Oh, wow, that's a shame. I hope Missi can give you some ideas, because not only would it be not legal to copy the software, but I'm not sure unless you're a computer wizard if it even can be copied. Usually these things won't copy, like movie DVD's are locked & won't copy. Boy, I hope you can find some way to fix this, or find that lost CD in a different cover, maybe put there by accident? I've done that, more than once. Best of luck to you! Hugs, Marji

by noah 30 Jul 2012

ttt i can't help :):)but heres a big hug

by debswebster 30 Jul 2012

Sorry for you, I feel your frustration. Hope you find what you are looking for.

by jerrib 30 Jul 2012

You might want to ask Missi at Skeldale House, she uses Pfaff machines and also has a garage sale section that people can buy or sell stuff. Also she might know where you could purchase what you need. Hugs Jerri

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robinw by robinw 30 Jul 2012

Thank you Jerri for your suggestion, I have already sent her an email!

by pennifold 30 Jul 2012

Sorry cannot help. I hope you can sort this one out. Love Chris