by patsy28 29 Jul 2012

I saw a pillow sham and quilt on tv that someone had applique a name. The letters were large maybe 5x7 or 4x4. It was so cute. Does anyone know where I can find letters that large? They need to be applique. Maybe one of you cuties has done these kinds of letters. Thanks for all your help. Patsy


by patsy28 30 Jul 2012

Thanks everyone! I will check them all out. You are the greatest group. I knew I could count on you all. Flowers to you all!

by mariahail 30 Jul 2012

by naven 30 Jul 2012

hope this will help you

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naven by naven 30 Jul 2012

Daily one freebie and currently, they are giving may b big applique font for next 24 hours

by jenne 30 Jul 2012
Not sure if this is what you are looking for?

by alexgrandma 30 Jul 2012

Five star font has the Fontzilla. It is really cute and have used it a lot.

by berny 30 Jul 2012

JuJu have a few and good offer at the moment

by diamondfowler 30 Jul 2012

you might try designsbysick. I don't know big but there are some pretty big ones
Hugs Diamond

by kttyhwk4 30 Jul 2012

Here's the link

by toet 30 Jul 2012

Have a look at DK Embroidery,one of the cuties may have the link.