by cclark 28 Jul 2012

I just opened my birthday gift from my Secret Sister. She spoiled me. There is a bag keeper, a towel for my kitchen (in my theme), A Dammit doll fpr those frustrating days in the sewing room, an angel bookmark, a kitty coinpurse, and a lovely prayer pocket with a magnet for my frig. Thanks so much to my SS!


by claudenicolas 30 Jul 2012

Beautiful gift from your secret sister

by lenamae 30 Jul 2012

wonderful gift SS you did a great job. the things you made are wonderful.
I would love to have a pattern for the Danet doll.
Lt is so cute where did you get it?

by dany2011 30 Jul 2012

very good.

by dilceia 30 Jul 2012

Thanks for sharing your lovely gifts!

by muflotex 30 Jul 2012

how sweet, love the doll part best today, bang bang bang

by cowgirl4ever 30 Jul 2012

Very Nice you have a wonderful secret sister.


by justsew 30 Jul 2012

How lovely, but I too would like to see the prayer pocket,and I do not know what a Dammit doll is. if any one can enlightem me please..
hugs Pam.

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cclark by cclark 30 Jul 2012

I will try to post a pic of the prayer pocket. The doll is to help get your frustrations out of your system. Grab it by the legs & hit it against something.

by sandralochran 30 Jul 2012

All very nice

by zoefzoef 30 Jul 2012

All are beautifull gifts . Well done SSister !

by oaro 29 Jul 2012

You SECRET SISTER did beautiful gift

by susiesembroidery 29 Jul 2012

Beautiful gifts - now you just have to enjoy them. Lovely job from your SS.

by shirlener88 29 Jul 2012

Charla, how wonderful for you - your Secret Sister did a wonderful job in making sure you had just the right gift for a special birthday for you. Way to go SS.

by oigelcox 29 Jul 2012

What a great gift. Happy Birthday.I have a dam it doll they are a great idea though my family looks at me strange when I use it. HE! HE!. Hugs Joyce

by mrskiki 29 Jul 2012

What a great birthday surprise. Lovely gifts. Way to go SS. Hugs. Nan W

by cfidl 29 Jul 2012

Yep you are correct! But isn' it fun to be spoiled once in a while! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by spendlove Moderator 29 Jul 2012

Lucky you!

by kttyhwk4 29 Jul 2012

Great gifts...wtg SS.

by drro 28 Jul 2012

Super wonderful gifts! You did do well and so did you SS for making all of those clever gifts! I had a dammit is so funny!! Happy Birthday!

by christracey 28 Jul 2012

Looks like you did very well. What is a prayer pocket? Could I see a seperate photo please? Happy birthday.

by lidiad 28 Jul 2012

Great gifts! Your SS has certainly spoiled you. Thank you for sharing this picture.
Hugs, Lidia

by pldc 28 Jul 2012

good for you I hope that your birthday was exceptional just like your ss gifts! Hugs Loralye

by lenore 28 Jul 2012

They are lovely gifts.

by noah 28 Jul 2012

very nice gift hugs

by snowbird42 28 Jul 2012

yes maybe you were spoiled but arn't we worthit i think so... hope your birthday is/was a great day...soozie

by castelyn 28 Jul 2012

Thanks for sharing your lovely gifts. Well done SS - Hugs Yvonne

by sewdeb 28 Jul 2012

Wow, what a wonderful collection of gifts! Way to go SS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charla! I hope it was a good one!

by lilylady 28 Jul 2012

Yup! You were spoiled, very nice job SS and a Happy Birthday to you.

by sewfrenzie 28 Jul 2012

WOW! Way to go Secret Sister!!! AND Happy Birthday Charla!! The angel is really hard to see, lol! But its there at the end of the pink ribbon. I really had to look to find it. :) I just doesn't show well in the photo, but when you do see it, it sure looks cute!