by babsie 28 Jul 2012

Morning Cuties, I need some info please. I am going on holiday and want to know if any of you use an iPod2 or 3? I have NO knowledge of iPods and do not know if I will be able to download designs, store them in folders and if I can download my Artista4 program on it. Does is use XP because my Artista4 does not work on Windows 7. Last year I took my laptop with, but it is a bit heavy to carry with all my other stuff. Any advice will be appreciated. Hugs


by sewemb 28 Jul 2012

I use an app called dropbox to download designs and then transfer them to a computer. This is a free app. No, you can not use embroidery software on it...

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babsie by babsie 28 Jul 2012

Thanks for answering. I also use dropbox, but thought I could use an iPad like a laptop and that way also keep my emb designs on it for a backup. It is just smaller for taking with.