by kitty2011 28 Jul 2012

Yay., my avitar picture is back - finally.

I know everyone else could see it, but it wasn't showing for me until now.


by kitty2011 28 Jul 2012

.. forgot to say marianne, it could also be the site being updated. I'm only guessing.

by greysewist Moderator 28 Jul 2012

What changed that you now can see it again, Kitty?

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 28 Jul 2012

I'm not sure marianne.
The only thing that changed this end is that I did a software update (mac) I'm wondering if that made a difference ?

by pennifold 28 Jul 2012

Happy to know you've found it. Love Chris

by cfidl 28 Jul 2012

So glad you found yourself! LOL! Live Laugh Download Stitch!