by bumblebee 27 Jul 2012


How do Cuties in Australia celebrate Christmas- what day is CXMAS day actually??
INquiring minds wanna know- LOL
I saw the Santa designs around the world on sale at EMBlibrary and it made me think
about cuties from Australia in fall-winter
mode and prepping for Christmas I assume.
Linda aka Bumblebee


by oigelcox 28 Jul 2012

in Brisbane Australia about a week before Christmas we have a river side Christmas festival in the middle of the city with decorated boats and fireworkes from the bridges and buildings and a traditional parade with the camels and wise men and all. hugs Joyce

by shirley124 28 Jul 2012

I thought every one every where celebrated Christmas on the 25th December...

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

I believe Europe has some other days they celebrate but I can't remember. I found out when collecting advent designs. I'll bet our german cuties know what I mean.

by oigelcox 28 Jul 2012

Most Australian familys with English backgrounds still have the big Roast Chicken dinner (Lunch to some) with all the roast vegies and the steaming hot plumb pudding and hot custard even though the outside tempreture is 100 degrs. We are quite mad. Some opt out for a B-B-Q at the beach. Much better option if you dont mind the sunburn. As I said we are all mad. Hugs Joyce

oigelcox by oigelcox 28 Jul 2012

I went to a Christmas in July today I think it would be smart to switch from December as today we could wear our Christmas winter gear. Hugs Joyce

bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

LOL on the wacky weather. We too are having extremes due to be 100's and maybe muggy this coming week.
Oh it sounds just lovely. I have had to bake in November in 88F temps so I can relate but dinner must go on LOL

by jid53 28 Jul 2012

I live in Melbourne and it can be hot or just mild. Last year had a hail storm on Christmas Day lots of damage. We have a hot meal of turkey and hot vegies at lunch with plum pudding and lots to drink. Late afternoon head to the beach to our caravan to start our holidays

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Wow, hail on Christmas. I have heard of beach celebrations a lot. Near our coastal
towns they get creative with Christmas at the beach designs. Lots of fun too.

by greysewist Moderator 28 Jul 2012

Christmas parties are a bit different here, too. Some of us hang around with dressed up greyhounds(oops, that'd be 'rein-dogs'), and act as Santa's Helper, with the necessary broad brimmed hat :)

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Elegant greyhound-love the antlers. Sounds like a lot fun too. I used to go to the Descanso Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles and they have fun activities and a
mini choochoo train you can ride around on
around the park a bit

by mranderson 28 Jul 2012

Well, of course we celebrate Xmas on 25th Dec as does the rest of the world. The difference to some countries is the weather. It is usually very hot as it is the middle of summer and my hubby still likes the hot meal at lunchtime. Baked meats and vegetables as well as hot Xmas pudding etc. Our Santa's still dress in the traditional costume, we leave out water for the reindeer, cake & beer for Santa, all the usual things. I am sure our Xmas is very similar only you have cold and snow and we have the heat. I am yet to see Santa in short pants or riding a surfboard. LOL. Although I have seen Santa riding on a water ski behind a boat going past my home, he had on the whole traditional suit. Marg

bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Hi Marg,
Love to hear about your traditions. LOL
We leave the traditional cookies and milk for Santa and I forget what for the reindeer. In Southern California we have a beautiful tradition when all the boats
dress up at the marina for a wonderful display of lights at nightime during the season.

bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

wonderful display of lights and a boat parade which twinkles in the nightime sky.

airyfairy by airyfairy 28 Jul 2012

Hi Marg - living in S. Africa our Christmas sounds just like ours. We also cook turkey with all the trimings and have Christmas pud and mince pies. All cooked inside at lunch time, usually the weather is boiling!!!!!

by kitty2011 28 Jul 2012

Yep., as ingrid said, we celebrate on the same day as the rest of the world 25th dec.

Just looks a little warmer here !!!
I'm in Queensland... we've tried to have the roast pork lunch with crackling, but it's way too hot to be cooking with the oven.
So we have cold meats (Ham/chicken/prawn etc) and lots of lovely tropical salads.
Plenty to drink (to keep cool you understand) and too many of yummy deserts.
This is always a lunchtime thing for us... by night we've overeaten, so just have something light.

I love our sunburnt country !!!!!!! can't imagine anything but a melting christmas...haa ha

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Fun and yummy times with loved ones.

by ingrid68 28 Jul 2012

G'Day all. We celecbrate Christmas on 25th of December like everybody else. As we are in our summer most of us have a warm to hot Christmas. Our last Christmas in Perth was 40 degrees. We tend to have a cold Christmas lunch/dinner, usually prawns, cold meats, BBQ, salads and the like. But some will do a cold lunch and then have a "traditional" dinner consisting of turkey, cooked ham, roast potatoes and such. But personally I prefer a cold lunch/dinner as it is just too hot to be cooking in the kitchen.
Its fun being able to go to the beach or pool and laze about and seeing little kids in the paddling pool with their hats on and the parents wishing that they too could sit in there and cool off.
So Christmas in Australia is obviously different to the Northern Hemisphere, but I wouldn't change a thing.
That was just a little insight to Christmas in Australia.

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Lovely time with loved ones. Good to know
we will be united in celebration on the 25th of December.

by marjialexa Moderator 27 Jul 2012

I saw those, too. I'm in USA, was just thinking it would be easier to do Christmas designs in July if it's snowing or chilly. I don't get in the mood till November up here, then there's not enough hours in the day, hee hee hee. Still, if you're used to 'upside down' seasons, probably wouldn't help. I like the tropical santas decorating palm trees, at least Florida & Hawaii & such places can have a picture of reality, instead of snowdrifts they don't get. Will look forward to seeing the answers here. Hugs, Marji

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bumblebee by bumblebee 28 Jul 2012

Hi Marji,
What started me getting going was making homemade gifts and charity stuff all year long. At first it was strange but now I enjoy making things all year long. I always think I'm ahead and boom its crunch time. It was fun seeing all the different Santas at emblibrary.