by lflanders 27 Jul 2012

Good Morning! I seem to need some help this morning. I guess it is about time for me to admit I am getting old and forgetful. A couple of days ago, one of our Cuties listed a site that I have been to many times but do not seem to be able to find this morning. It has 3 tigers at the top of the page and you click on them to change to the next page. I saw a design there that had horses in it and I would like to download it. I thought I already has this site listed as one of my favorites but have looked for over an hour and can find the site or the post here on Cute. Does anyone know the name of the site? I think the name had something about Vikings but that may just be my imagination..Thanks ahead of time for any info as to where to find this site. Linda


by greysewist Moderator 27 Jul 2012

Good thing someone was able to help you. Another time you might find it in your browser history up top, if you haven't cleaned it out recently, of course :)

by loosie 27 Jul 2012

sorry forgot the link

by loosie 27 Jul 2012

I found this link too, it has the tigers on the top.

by gerryvb 27 Jul 2012

hope this is the link you searched.But i don't see the tigers. Hugs, Gerry

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lflanders by lflanders 27 Jul 2012

Thanks so much! I think my favorite designs to sew are wild aniamls, especially when doing something for a male. My son's mascot was a tiger but that was not what I was looking for today. I have collected owls , cows, tigers, wolfs, buffalo, and although not that wild, fish and roosters. These are great when asked to do something for a guy. Today I was looking for horses and remembered seeing some on this site just a couple of days ago. Thanks to all of you that answered my request trying to find the site again.. Hugs, Linda

by lflanders 27 Jul 2012

I am always amazed at the vast knowledge that all of our Cuties have stored in their heads and in their computers! Thanks again! I found a few more to download while I was there! Thanks again! Hugs, Linda

by sadp 27 Jul 2012

Here you go, I hope this helps, hugs S*

by pldc 27 Jul 2012

I can't help you but I can bring it forward, Good Luck Linda Hugs Loralye