by mrskiki 26 Jul 2012

Can someone explain why designs (either for sale or free) are offered with so many formats, most of which I have never heard of? I know some are commercial formats, but seems to me some could be eliminated in favor of the most used. I also would like to see VP3 added and VIP eliminated. Hugs. Nan W


by fannyfurkin 27 Jul 2012

I see that everyone has said what I am about to say. I include all of the formats I can convert to including VP3 so that people who need the format can get it.

by greysewist Moderator 27 Jul 2012

Maybe we misunderstood you. Did you mean that you wish each machine or software manufacturer would merge their many formats into *their own* most used one?

by greysewist Moderator 26 Jul 2012

Well that one certainly got a few talking -and on embroidery, so well done! If I'm downloading a design other than my own, .jef, then I often choose .hus as the file size is smaller to store. For some this can be an issue.

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bearmom by bearmom 26 Jul 2012

Hus may be the smallest file to store but I have found the drawback to be that it has a small choice in color changes which is difficult when the design selection has many varities in the small color family..bearmom

by marjialexa Moderator 26 Jul 2012

Ok, I'm not sure I ever heard of anyone complaining about having too MANY choices before. All the formats are there because someone uses each one of them. I've personally found that the designs come out better sometimes when the digitizer her/himself converts the native digitizing program format into the machine formats, rather than converting after the fact. I have digitizing software, and if I can't download JEF, my format, then I will download HUS because my software doesn't convert PES to JEF very well. Janome software will also not convert nor save in ART, and Bernina software will not save in nor convert to JEF, due to exclusivity rights each company required of Wilcom, the software designer. So those digitizers who thoughtfully provide both JEF and ART have to have more than one software package to save in those formats. There's a whole lot more to it than I think you realize. Some of those machine formats are for multi-head commercial machines, which some home embroiderers do have, and some are formats for the newer machines which are coming out, like Bernina's ART3 and ART4; why would you wish to leave out people who have the older machines? While designs can often converted 'up', sometimes they can't be converted 'down'. If the digitizers who sell and/or give away their designs are willing to include every format they can so that the designs can be used by the most people possible, why would this be a problem? It doesn't add to the cost of the design, or take up internet space to allow everyone a choice. I am deeply grateful to the digitizers who give me the greatest choice possible, and the same choice to people with older or more obscure machines. It's hardly a problem to click on my format to download, or to unzip only my format out of a zip file. I don't understand why you would want to eliminate choices for people, especially since the digitizers are kind enough to give us all the choices they can. I, along with many others I see, am very grateful for the choices, and to the digitizers, a big thank you! Marji

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mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

First off, I am NOT complaining. Just asked a simple question.
Second, just because they are still available does not mean they are still in use. Oh, I give up as y'all are putting words in my mouth that I never intended. Hugs. Nan

by susiesembroidery 26 Jul 2012

I admire the digitisers and am grateful for the various formats that they take time to do for us. I would not change anything. It is the least to choose my own format from the list. **

by gerryvb 26 Jul 2012

this one is in special for Meganne: don't go on like this with the head banging. This dog did and still has a headache:

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greysewist by greysewist 26 Jul 2012

awww poor pooch!

by gerryb 26 Jul 2012

Many do not have software that can chg the format to the one they need, so the digitizers are really going the second mile for us! I personally really appreciate it & it doesn't take but a min. to see mine, drag it out of the folder into one I made & delete the rest. I hope they continue to help us all out! And tks to all you gals that can digitize!!

by gerryvb 26 Jul 2012

It's simple: many different formats for many different machines. hugs, Gerry

by dec716 26 Jul 2012

you can please some people some of the time, but can never please all the people all the time

by pldc 26 Jul 2012

looks like you have alot of answers here

by ansalu 26 Jul 2012

My first machine was a janome (better should say still is ;o) and needs jef; my second one is a brother and needs pes. I love it when digitizers do the work for all of us and post many formats.
Although like embroiderypages that offers multiformat or the possibility to change the format and dl again (like emblibrary or Urban Threads) or dl more than one format like SICK.
Like Debra said: You can't make everyone happy :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by leenova54 26 Jul 2012

I appreciate the fact that most digitizers are willing to go to the trouble of doing formats that are most used but also ones for the people who have rare formats. Maybe you haven't heard of them but apparently some people need them. I doesn't hurt me to pick my format from the ones listed. Personally, I have never heard of VP3 or VIP.

gerryb by gerryb 26 Jul 2012

They are mainly Viking. The newer software (4D & 5D) call it VP3. Because it has more features? I don't know!

mops by mops 27 Jul 2012

Viking and Pfaff. Since the brands are owned by one company they are using the same software (3D,4D and 5D) although they are having different packaging, and the same formats, VIP and VP3. The latter keeps the colour information in the design and when digiting in 3D etc you get the message that VP3 is the preferred format for that reason. VIP misses that feature.

by pennyhal 26 Jul 2012

On rare occasion, one format won't open in my software or will have some sort of problem. If I open in a different format, the design will be fine. Then I can convert to the format I need. Also, if there is no picture of the design in a download, the colors may be all wonky in my format. If I open the design in a different format, the colors may be correct and I can work from there.

by eggyannie 26 Jul 2012

some members have machines that use those obscure formats and it would be a bit hard on them if they were left out of the fun.
simply download and then delete the formats you do not want. after all they are free for all.
My one machine uses VP3 so i have to download in another format and then convert to the one i need.
most times you can choose the format you want so be kind to those who can't and let us all enjoy the fun

airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Jul 2012


mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

Eggyannie, that is exactly my question! How many still use, for instance XXX, DST, CND. I do understand all the comments about downloading all and keeping what you need as I have been embroidering since 1998. Didn't mean to start a firestorm, just asking a simple question! Hugs. Nan

by lflanders 26 Jul 2012

I usually download in all formats but once on the desktop, I drag the ones I can not use to the TRASH folder and delete. Sometimes(according to the design size) I have to download a design in HUS or JEF and when I get it to the desktop change it to PES so I can sew it. I have Smart Sizer Gold and have found over the yrs that even if I can change it from one of these formats that I can not sew to PES, sometimes the quility is terrible so I usually take a scrap piece of material and check the quality of the stitches before I put it on something I would hate to mess up! I also have a Singer XL 1000(my 1st Emb machine) that I can only use a memory card to embroider. It has a beautiful stitch but rarely ever use it. I am afraid to sell it because my reg. sewing machine is sooo old and I know that if I sell the Singer, my reg machine will die. At least I can use the Singer as a regular sewing machine and not have to purchase another when the one that came off of Noah's Ark finally dies. My Serger is sitting off to the side right now because it has 2 broken needles that I need to replace. I am too blind to change them without having a nervous break-down so am waiting for my son to come and change them. I HATE to have to deal with the problems of a serger but use it constantly until it has to to have a needle change. I broke those 2 needles when working on a blanket and found I was out of needles. By the time I remembered to buy some, I was out of the mood to get it running again. Heat index today is 110 degrees so I really have had no use for a blanket in the last few months! It is time to change my contacts/glasses but I also have cataracts and am told it is not time to do the surgery just yet. Glasses/contacts do not do a great job when there are other problems!!! The surgery scares me to think about it but understand it is not that bad. Right now, it is just a waiting game.
When I had my craft store, I had a lady that brought in her quilts that was lagally blind. They were beautiful so if she can see to do her quilts, I am hoping that I will be okay after the surgery on my eyes. She could not drive but her work was perfect! I have always heard that "where there is a will, there is a way"!
Some of us have several machines and they use different formats so I am glad that these designers do post several formats. I can also convert DST but have found that the colors are terrible when you do it. Every color on a converted DST design has to be changed. That is what the Chinese Site that we all found so many yrs ago uses. They have thousands of free designs but I have to really need one of them badly to use a converted DST.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

Wish I lived near you so I could help with your serger. Are you in Texas? Awhile back there was a youtube video of a blind quilter from Waco. She had a bit of help choosing colors, but did all the sewing herself. Good luck with your surgery. Hugs. Nan

by meganne 26 Jul 2012

And sure as shooting if we digitisers don't include those other formats, we will have another post complaining that we never include the less common formats.
We just can't win!!!!

pennyhal by pennyhal 26 Jul 2012

Ha! That guy banging his head is just how I feel some days! Love it!

leenova54 by leenova54 26 Jul 2012

So right you are Meganne, you can't make everyone happy.

ansalu by ansalu 26 Jul 2012

Meg you hit the nail with your little guy :o)

meganne by meganne 26 Jul 2012

Yeah, but I keep trying anyway Debra, it's no wonder I do my head in. hahahahahaha! Keep on smiling girlfriend I love seeing your avatar. Hugs and much love, Meg

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 26 Jul 2012

I love how he hits his head and it shakes his whole body! Kind of like us, when we give up and start banging our heads - it just doesn't stop there! Too Cute

mranderson by mranderson 27 Jul 2012

WHY are you all so sure this is a little GUY. I have felt like this many times.haahaaahaaa. Marg

mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

Meg, sorry I was not complaining, just asking how many of those formats are actually still in use. As I said before, HUS and VIP are 2 that are outdated. Just really wanted to know why VP3 is not included as it and PES are the 2 most used I think. Just my humble opinion. Again, not complaining and I do not want to exclude anyone who needs a certain format. I do appreciate all that the digitizers do for us. Hugs. Nan

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 27 Jul 2012

How can anything be outdated if there are still machines using them? Not everyone is buying new machines. We use them until they don't work anymore.

by jofrog2000 26 Jul 2012

They are there because someone uses them. I use pes, but download vip most of the time since it uses Sulky as the thread base, which has MANY more colors than the brother color pallet, and the design itself shows up closer to the originally seen design. I just convert over to pes when I need to use it. Eventually you will come to recognize what machines use what formats. Why wish away convenience for someone else?

ansalu by ansalu 26 Jul 2012

Agree with you :o)

mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

Not wishing that at all. Just asking how many still use some of these that I have no clue what machines need. As I said before, HUS is antiquated and can be eliminated, just not sure about some of the others. Hugs. Nan

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 27 Jul 2012

Well, when you upload one of your creations, leave hus out.

dec716 by dec716 27 Jul 2012

There are still many 'antiquated' machines in service by sewers. If you take care of you machine it is possible for it last many years. All of us cannot go buy NEW or afford fancy software everytime something changes.

by cfidl 26 Jul 2012

No not VP3... I am being funny. Unfortuately the makers of the machines like to mix things up so that we can not share and their products need to be replaced. Both that you chose are from Husqvarana who has a few others. Hus you know, .shv you probably do not, however it is most important to anyone who uses a designer I. There is some rhyme or reason, we are just not privy to it. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

I do understand SHV, as I still have my first Designer 1 machine. I always was able to have software so did not need to download in that format. Good thing as those were few and far between in 1999! I am talking about XXX, CND and I know there are a few more. Hugs. Nan

by lique 26 Jul 2012

I have just realised that vp3 is not one of the format you can download in Designs by cuties. Wonder why?

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meganne by meganne 26 Jul 2012

Because it has HUS and VIP ????

by sdrise 26 Jul 2012

So many formats because there are so many different machines out there. Each machine uses their own format. Hope that helps Suzanne

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mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

I understand that, just questioning how many actually are still in use, such as HUS is antiquated. Hugs. Nan

by mpo14011 26 Jul 2012

Nan, you will find the most common formats included in my designs, including VP3.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 27 Jul 2012

Thanks for doing that. Hugs. Nan