by april22 25 Jul 2012

Good morning, good afternoon.In this cute world !!

Does anyone know where I can buy, ore freebie (for a embroiderylogo of a Chrysler Voyager)
Would like to make some pillows in the car!
Thank you*


by tilde01 25 Jul 2012

Yes, unless they are licensed to sell the design

Ja, tenzij ze in licentie gegeven aan het ontwerp te verkopen

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april22 by april22 26 Jul 2012

The google translater don't work.

by tilde01 25 Jul 2012

The Chrysler Voyager logo would be copyrighted and any designs of it would be copyrighted and unless you know for sure that the company selling/giving it away has a license to see it, it would be an illegal design.

april22 by april22 25 Jul 2012

I also ask for buy that logo!

mops by mops 25 Jul 2012

Ze schreef dan ook dat VERKOPEN of weggeven verboden is tenzij men een licentie heeft.

april22 by april22 25 Jul 2012

Bedankt Mops