by njola 24 Jul 2012

Bjúgnakrækir. The Icelandic santa. Ve have thirteen santas and everyone has their own name. Bjúgnakrækir takes his name from sausages, because when he comes down from the mountain he steals them. I didn´t hava a good picture to digitize and i´m trying to learn how to do this on my new program.


by momhome 26 Jul 2012

You did a good job digitizing this one. Look forward to seeing the other ones.

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njola by njola 26 Jul 2012

His brother is coming soon. Have done the digitizing but now is the sewing the next step.

by zedna 25 Jul 2012

Very interesting story!

by jayce 25 Jul 2012

I would love to know the story of the 13 Santa's, love the design

jayce by jayce 25 Jul 2012

i googled it. very interesting and sounds like fun♥

njola by njola 26 Jul 2012

Yeh it is. Icelandic children grow up with these stories an put out their shoes in the window thirteen days before christmas. And every night comes a new santa with his own name untill christmas. And they go home one by one, beginning the day after christmas in the same order

by snowbird42 25 Jul 2012

he looks like he means business and looks very hungry...soozie

by techgirl 25 Jul 2012

Cute! It's good to learn about other cultures!

by tippi 25 Jul 2012

well he sure different than any Santa I have ever seen. Very cute design.

by shilly 25 Jul 2012

You certainly are lucky! 13 santas....Will you be doing the others? Love to see them....

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njola by njola 25 Jul 2012

If I get good pictures I will digitiz them all and their parents

by oaro 25 Jul 2012

he looks great fun design

by sigrun 25 Jul 2012

Hann er fínn, en mætti fylla betur út að útlínunum - nema hann eigi bara að vera svona, það er spurning?

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njola by njola 25 Jul 2012

Nei ég vil helst hafa útlínurnar betri vantaði bara betri mynd

by oigelcox 25 Jul 2012

He is great fun. I love him. hugs Joyce

by noah 24 Jul 2012

Well he makes me smile never heard of him before !!!hugs

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njola by njola 25 Jul 2012

Every nations have their own lovely christmas stories.

by highlandermom 24 Jul 2012

Looks great!

by pldc 24 Jul 2012

well done I like the detail in the sausage too!

by devon 24 Jul 2012

great job