by diamondfowler 24 Jul 2012

I was just wondering if you cuties washed your dish cloths before embroiderying on them, they change so much after washing, so do you iron them? I would like to do a lot for Christmas. Hugs Diamond


by airyfairy 25 Jul 2012

I wash and iron. Sarah.

by kttyhwk4 24 Jul 2012

Wash them first as they are going to shrink.

by justonlyme 24 Jul 2012

They are going to shrink a LOT! So definitely wash them. You might even give them a spritz of starch when you are ironing them to give them some body to embroider on. That has helped me quite a bit. And I've also learned the hard way to use a WSS topper when doing anything thick like that. Otherwise the stitching just disappears.

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diamondfowler by diamondfowler 25 Jul 2012

They sure do, I was suprised how much they shrink! Hugs Diamond

by pcteddyb 24 Jul 2012

Yes - I wash and dry before stitching and then wash and dry again afterwards. I have not ironed them before (did not seem to need). I have ironed the back of the embroidery after washing if it needed (just the embroidery part).

by cjmelm 24 Jul 2012

I do...

by susan 24 Jul 2012

I wash and iron them before emb'g and then again when done to wash out the stabilizer, then I steam iron them again.....Sue

dino by dino 24 Jul 2012

I do the same.

pinon by pinon 24 Jul 2012

Me too.

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 24 Jul 2012

Same thing here!

thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 25 Jul 2012

Same for me.

pennyhal by pennyhal 25 Jul 2012

Me too!

diamondfowler by diamondfowler 25 Jul 2012

Well I sure do Thank ya'll for the answers, Looking forward to doing them for gifts

Thanks Diamond

by sewemb 24 Jul 2012

If they come out a little wrinkled I do iron them after washing.