by epic 19 May 2008

Thanks to all the friends who responded!!!

I forgot... Elena played "Ode to Joy" of L. v. Beethoven
XOXO and bunches of flowers for you!!!!!!!! Stefania

Look here: My best project!

My daughter Elena Yesterday has played the piano to the school concert. I was very excited!!!! I sew her tutù skirt.


by pafhen 19 May 2008

awwh now we can see her in action, love the tutu

by auntbaba 19 May 2008

Beautiful! You have good reason to be very, very proud!

by nini 19 May 2008

Lovely! My compliments, she's indeed a very best project!!!! Flowers for you both!

by shirleysisson 19 May 2008

She is so sweet. You must have been so proud of her. *4U