by bokkieborduur 24 Jul 2012

I want to thank my Birthday SS for the suprise gift that I've got. A gift voucher WOW!!!!!! I am going to enjoy myself with this...... a lot. Thanks again. Hugs Marie


by betsiestander 06 Mar 2013

Hi Marie - dit ws n lekker dowwe opmerking! ek sien nou eers dis verlede jaar se verjaarsdag :-( Ek dink ek is oorwerk :-) Lekker dag in elk geval!

by betsiestander 06 Mar 2013

Dis te lekker!!! geniet dit!!! Liefde

by smallwunderz 25 Jul 2012

please post when you purchase your goodies so we can all drool and wish and dream .....

Lois W.

by marietta 25 Jul 2012

What a lovely gift Marie, hope you enjoy that shopping trip as much as I would have. Enjoy, enjoy.
Hugs and God bless

by drro 24 Jul 2012

That is a very nice gift! You can spoil yourself with her help! Happy Birthday and have a good time shopping! Be sure to make a list:>)

by castelyn 24 Jul 2012

Marie, what a lovely gift to receive a gift voucher from Bernina. I'm sure you will enjoy your shopping. Let us see what you get. Well done SS, you can never go wrong giving a voucher. Hugs Yvonne

by marthie 24 Jul 2012

Good for you Marie. Now you can buy WHAT YOU want. Enjoy the shopping around for your stuff.

by pldc 24 Jul 2012

well I sure hope that you find just the perfect item that you have wanted but didn't buy! Birthdays mean you should get a special treat! sew enjoy!

by susiesembroidery 24 Jul 2012

Lucky you. Enjoy shopping for beautiful items.

by noah 24 Jul 2012

Way to go hugs

by cfidl 24 Jul 2012

Always works! I will look for your post as to what you purchased! Live Laugh Download Shop!

by cclark 24 Jul 2012


by greysewist Moderator 24 Jul 2012

What a great idea, Birthday SS!

by zoefzoef 24 Jul 2012

So...what will you buy ???

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bokkieborduur by bokkieborduur 24 Jul 2012

Anything..... like a small scissors, a wall clock to hang in my sewing room, and whatever I came across at Bernina that I need (WANT) will see. Hugs Marie

by sewdeb 24 Jul 2012

Lucky girl! Enjoy your shopping spree!