by nancygiroir 23 Jul 2012

Has anyone seen snowflake names for Gerry and Johnny? I have been searching through all the cuties designs and haven't been able to find them. Thanks for any help.


by gerryvb 28 Jul 2012

YOu've got your answer already. they do have them at softdrinks.

by mjdg 28 Jul 2012

The softdrink site given below has them.....but gramsbear's snowflake names are the best, and she is gracious enough to do them for us!

Thanks gramsbear!


by arisann 28 Jul 2012

yahoo site for PNW Embroidery has hundreds of free snowflake names. Johnny is there in those files. you need to be a member.

by gramsbear 23 Jul 2012

Nancy, if you send me a PM with your email address
your format you need and the names, I can make them for you.. If you want the kind I make that is. At the top of the page is 4 folder tabs, click on Private , Hugs, Judy

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 24 Jul 2012

Judy, I sent you a PM...thank you!

by ingrid68 23 Jul 2012

Gerry is on the 3rd line, 3rd across and Johnny is on the 12th line down and 2nd across. I checked myself before I wrote the website address. Its hard to see because some of the names are similar.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 24 Jul 2012

they are very hard to see, thank you

by ingrid68 23 Jul 2012

You can go to the Softdrink's Embroidery design website. There you should be able to find the names.

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 23 Jul 2012

I checked there but all they have is Gerard and John. Thanks anyway for trying!

mops by mops 24 Jul 2012

They have both Gerry and Johnny, I just looked and they are in the list.

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 24 Jul 2012

thanks, I didn't see them