by bunnyhop 23 Jul 2012

nothing like someone standing on your toes. i had quite a few bits and bobs to do last year for christmas for friends and family and charity. i have just found out a lady just outside of town has pinched my ideas and customers. she won't be getting any help from me if something goes wrong at christmas.


by lindalee757 24 Jul 2012

Unfortunately it's all part of business-big or small-happens all the time. As for pinching your customers-if her quality of work isn't as good as yours-they'll be back. Do you anticipate her having problems and needing help in the future?? Like you stated-don't give it-plain and simple. Maybe you'll end up with a bigger and better selection and clientell(sp?) now.

by pennyhal 24 Jul 2012

There really isn't anything you can do about it, but it sure make me furious when it happens. So I just do things that are more complex. Unfortunately, that also means more expensive. I've added some cheap things that are tricky to make. So I'm also adding aprons. I'll try and post some in projects.

by katydid 24 Jul 2012

I am sure most of us who sell our stitched items have had similar experiences. Before I had an embroidery machine, I made draw string jewelry pouches using my sewing machine and serger. I made so many that I had it timed start to finish at 1 1/2 hrs each and sold them for $15. each. The next craft fair I attended, a lady had a booth selling a very similar item for $10. I marked my remaining inventory down to $10. and I never made another one. I moved on to something different. I feel you should move on to new ideas also. Mind you, what you come up with will probably be copied also and then move on again. Kay

by susiesembroidery 24 Jul 2012

Somebody cam to my craft stall and was openly looking over my stuff and copying the ideas. So I promptly told them to leave since I work hard on my things and need not be stolen from. I know it sounds harsh, but I knew who they were and they are always trying to outdo my things at a better price and not such good quality. I hope she gets a fat cramp for pinching your ideas.****

by momofeight 24 Jul 2012

Sorry about that but I know what you are talking about I am in craft fairs and it never fails that someone comes to the booth and takes pictures.One lady copied my towels she was across from me all my towels sold except one and she came over and put one of her towels up there and told me she would give me 50 cents for each that was sold.My daughter came unglued before I could say anything my daughter took her towel down and told her what a terrible woman she was and some other words I will not say. It happened so fast I think I was in shock

by jofrog2000 24 Jul 2012

Look at the "knock-off" fashions that are made right after awards ceremonies and fashion shows. There is always going to be someone who likes what you do and tries to do it also.

by mjdg 24 Jul 2012

It is very aggravating. I don't do craft shows anymore....but I do put thing in a consignment shop.

Someone has copied my idea for bibs and selling them cheaper. I also do jewelry and yes - those have been copied and selling for less. The quality is not as good as mine and not as much detail... but copied all the same.
When I started this place has NO bibs and NO jewelry!
They even are using similar price tabs!
I guess it goes with the territory!

by sewfrenzie 24 Jul 2012

We have that happen alot with out business and the customers always come back, usually with complaints about the other persons work, etc. LOL Look at it this way mimicry is the highest compliment. And Karma will come around to bite her in the bum!

by hightechgrammy 24 Jul 2012

I bet yours are made much nicer. Your customers will appreciate the fine work you do. I growl a lot. It makes me feel better :-) grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

by draco 23 Jul 2012

I know what you are going thru. It happened to me one time. So I went another direction and things were much better and profitable. Hang in there. Hugs *

by bonnetgirl 23 Jul 2012

This has happened to me also. A friend ask for my designs as she wanted to make them for her daughter and daughter in law. I told her I would give her pattern for them but I was making them for sale she decided she will make and sell. Do not speak to her anymore. Friends like that I don't need and to think I showed her how to sew. Will not be sharing with her from now on and since she always wants me to give her my patterns I guess she won't be making what I am.

by dec716 23 Jul 2012

I like that term 'pinched'. I have to admit I would probably not be so kind.

by blueeyedblonde 23 Jul 2012

Like someone said "what goes around comes around"! Just wait - be patient, your customers will be back - might take a bit for some as they'll prob. feel a little sheepish.

by shirlener88 23 Jul 2012

So sorry this happened to you. You might contact our customers and ask them why they could/would stay with you rather than going outside of town.

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Jul 2012

I have the feeling your customers will be back, because people like this usually aren't reliable, and their work isn't as good if it's so much cheaper. Your customers might have shown a little loyalty, too. Pity they are so easily led. Come up with newer & better ideas, you'll have new customers. Some people really have no sense of fair play, it'll bite her in the butt one way or another, it always does. Just do your best work, you'll be the winner in the end. So sorry this happened, it's disappointing. Hugs, Marji

by cfidl 23 Jul 2012

That is terrible. Some people have no class. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by noah 23 Jul 2012

well thee old saying is:::
What goes around comes around ***just wait hugs

by anangel 23 Jul 2012

It's part of life; just hold your head high and rise above her level! At least you know who she is and can steer clear of her!!
Hugs, Angel

by snowbird42 23 Jul 2012

there is always one...apart from your loss of clients etc....look at the positive she thought your ideas were good....soozie

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greysewist by greysewist 23 Jul 2012

Good point of view to have, Soozie. I agree, it's a compliment. Bunnyhop, you'll probably come up with some better and fresher ideas, too.

by rachap 23 Jul 2012

Sorry but things like this seem to happen to all of us. If she undercut your prices she probably also undercut her quality so you will probably find your loyal customers coming back.

by pldc 23 Jul 2012

yikes that is terrible, there are some really selfish people out there? I am sorry that this has happened to you