by bunnyhop 23 Jul 2012

treeted myself to a Simplicity Rotary Cutter + Extension Table today. with me been left handed and not able to cut a straight line i hope it will come in very handy.has anyone else got one who can give me a few tips. it cuts from 1cm -7cm.


by hightechgrammy 24 Jul 2012

I'd love to know what you think.....

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 24 Jul 2012

I had heard they were on sale at Walmart, but they were sold out when i went to see about buying it...

by drro 23 Jul 2012

I bought one, but I have not tried it yet.

by dec716 23 Jul 2012

Always pay attention to where you put your fingers!
Those blades are SHARP.
I have a piece of leather about 1/8" thick that I cut thru to sharpen the blade.

by noah 23 Jul 2012

Way to go enjoy your new toys hugs carolyn

by shirlener88 23 Jul 2012

I am a lefty, too - I have learned to adapt - but don't always like too. I use a ruler that has a lip on it that holds onto the end of the table that I really like for using with my rotary cutter.

by shirley124 23 Jul 2012

Yes I have one also, but as yet have not used it. I have the later one that cuts up to 6 inches wide. Should be great for quilt borders etc. Shirley

by berny 23 Jul 2012

Yes,bought it months ago not used it yet,So sorry can't give any tips.

by bumblebee 23 Jul 2012


by sewfrenzie 23 Jul 2012

I am left handed too. I just switch the blade over to the other side to make cutting easier for myself. Have fun with you new "Toys"!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Jul 2012

How do you switch the blade over?

yvonne123 by yvonne123 23 Jul 2012

you just unscrew the blade and flip it over to L for left

yvonne123 by yvonne123 23 Jul 2012

ooops I was thinking of an ordinary hand held cutter. This would not need to be changed. I want one lol but I have a go cutter and have not taken the time to play with that yet.